Polestar EV Announced



Sweet looking car…Volvo/Geely is pushing hard


Wish them good luck. A car shaped like that is going to need it.


it looks nice – I’m not complaining – better than a model 3


I’m not saying I don’t like it, as I do like the current Volvo design language but…

what is it? Is it a raised sedan? An SUV? None of the above? All the above? - half crossover, a quarter sedan and a quarter compact SUV? It’s a bit of a mongrel but I kinda like it. I guess they’re going for the S60 Cross Country type of look.



Hmmmm X4


GT, though that one’s not so tall



2020 Hyundai Sonata?




More like the other way, knowing Hyundai’s designs.


Oh those pictures actually are the new Sonata!


Looks like this to me…


Any Hyundai looks like something else. That’s what they design.


I don’t really understand the thinking behind all the manufacturers making their new sedans lower and lower, just as the market is moving more and more towards SUV’s, most often because of the ‘higher driving position’. The new Accord, Camry and now Sonata are all lower than previous generations.

It seems risky to lean into the lower look. It’s good from a driving dynamics perspective but since when have buyers given a shit about that?


This must be for ROW markets as a US version would surely have a hatch instead of a boot and be called a CUV…


Don’t see it, other than color. The rear looks Honda-ish though.


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In all fairness, I leased an S60 CC and it was a terrific little car. I wouldn’t mind it in the Polestar EV version. …


So apparently the $63,000 Launch Edition price tag includes the 27.5% tariff on Chinese vehicles. Wonder if we could see a significant price drop if the trade matters and tariffs are resolved.


Well fat chance. With trumps tariffs boosting the American economy as much as it has, I just don’t see it ever slowing down! /end sarcasm