Polestar 2 Buyout and Transfer

Hi All,

A few months ago I signed up for a lease for a Polestar 2 (deal specs here)

I am moving to NYC for a job shortly and am looking at options to terminate my lease. Are there any dealers or individuals on here that would be interested in purchasing the car? This would not be a third party buyout, but a purchase and transfer/sale (ideally within 10 days to avoid sales tax). I have already explored lease termination with VCFS so just looking at full suite of options.

Happy to share more details with interested parties, I am willing to be pretty aggressive with price given condensed timeline. Hopefully this is the right forum for this post, Mod please let me know if not.

Thanks in advance!

@aronchi can polestar leases be terminated or bought out? Ik op is in Cali and can go that route but just for ?s.

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As you noted

For companies that you can sell to:

The ones that accept lessor-released titles are what you want to target. I imagine a first party dealer could buy it from your once you have the LRT, but I also imagine that Volvo is watching that to ensure dealers aren’t skirting the rules? @aronchi @Benedetto ??

Others have mentioned Facebook groups where they have had success finding a private party to buyout, but not sure if they are ICE-only, EV, mixed?

Appreciate you sharing your deal, are you willing to share your current payoff?

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Very helpful, thank you! I’ve asked the dealer that facilitated the lease to see if they would be willing to make an offer on it. I’m planning to call on all the Volvo dealers in the area to see if there is any interest there… Will check out the companies you listed as well.

I’m willing to share my asking price on it which is $58.5k. To give you a sense, at that price I’m already taking a haircut on my down payment but that’s the cost of putting money down…

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What did you spec out in the vehicle that it’s so expensive? The bad thing is polestar leases apply the fed credit AS a RV inflation instead of incentive

certainly not hard if its an AWD long-range in an upcharge color. Add taxes and tags and you are over $60k.

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Someone must really love your spec and need the Polestar ASAP to pay that price, instead of just ordering a brand new one and being able to claim the federal EV rebate.

I have the Performance and Plus packages which added to the base price. @Qbrozen also hits on the other points of added costs. Yes, they only pass on about 3900 of the Fed rebate through a net cap cost adjustment

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