Pls Help With Email Offer for Range Rover '24

The following is info I would like to offer:

Proposed Email:
Good Afternoon, I am ready to close a lease deal today on the Black P530 RR advertised on your site per the following:
MSRP: $158,360
Sales Price: $143,000
GA Sales Tax: 7%
MF: .0038
Residual: 64%
Yearly Miles: 12K
Term: 36 months
Money Down: $0

While looking at info about RRs, I found an "offer’ that said Maximum Residual MSRP $148,075. Honestly, I’m not sure how this applies even after reading a definition. Hoping someone can help. I want the payments to be capped at $2,200/month. Is this possible how I phrased it? Thanks in advance hackers, I need it.

Shoot your shot, king :crown:

Pop off and do post photos of your murdered-out big boy Range in the Troph Garage when you take delivery tonight.


Is this a good offer? Is there something else you would recommend I include?

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MMM…I don’t know if there will be much discounting on the new body style RR … Where are you coming up with your target offer? What data are you using to support your offer or is it just coming out of your a$$?


Have you completed a calculator? Is your target even reasonable (attainable)?

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Means that is the max you can multiply by RV%…so 148075*0.64 for 94768 is max RV possible. You don’t need to include all those details…just tell them the target payment you want and $ due at signing you will pay.

And as mentioned above know how to put together your target by searching deals here and using the calc.


Prepare to answer for how you came up with the selling price i.e. you have another offer.

Chase private client offer? or managers wife gives you a pin


We leased an autobiography in 2019 for 17K off MSRP. It was from a dealership that had just opened the day before though.

I based the sales price desired off that deal with no money down.

I did the calculator, but I did not change what appear to be presets like the residual value. I have been online today looking at what people have posted elsewhere and it appears that the residual is negotiable and should be between 58-64%.

From not changing the caculator presets, the payment would be $2,776 with taxes. I see there’s some offer called a non-subverted lease but I don’t know how that factors into it. Honestly I need frankness and help,. I’m ready but I need to be at $2200/mo max

2024 Land Rover Range Rover P530 SE SWB

Lease programs offered by JLRFG/Chase for a 36-month, 12,000-miles/year lease in the 30309 area.


Non-subvented Lease
Lender: JLRFG/Chase

Residents residing in qualifying regions of the United States listed in the BUSINESS CENTER BOUNDARIES section.

Expiration: 2024-01-02

With what I replied with below, do you think that’s enough “support”? thanks for replying too.

We are no longer living in the world we had in 2019, AND your looking at a redesigned model.

Starting from scratch, with your offer, and the programs ending today/tonight… I don’t foresee this happening at all. Most people are going to immediately delete that email today.

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Residuals are not negotiable…they do change based on your terms.

Post your calc link for review.

Residual value is not negotiable. It is set by the lender. Also, 2019 wasn’t the intro of a new body style and it was also a totally different time to buy a car.

Yes. I did and explained it below. Problem is I’ve not been able to find one recent range rover deal on leasehackr.

There’s a reason for this. There are no “deals” on Rovers in the last 2-3 years. If you can get a $1000 discount on one that is in stock, you got yourself a good “deal”. If this dealer is even going to be willing to entertain you at your 10% discount offer, then you’ll be lucky. But definitely share your progress with the rest of us.


Gonna have to make up a good story - never seen a deal on a range

Matty from boogie down Brooklyn is the Land Rover consigliere

Who is Matty from Brooklyn? Can you share his handle?

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