Please review our updated Moderation Guidelines

We’ve updated our forum Moderation Guidelines in response to the growth in the number of users over time and issues that may have arisen.

Please take a moment to review them. Thank you.


Checking now.

Edit: @michael
Looks great! Thank you so much for taking swift action after I tagged you Michael.
Staying on thread topic is a powerful tool in the Mods arsenal. In future updates, you could even reinforce the language pertaining to that as you see fit. And I am subscribing so I can be alerted to subsequent updates.

Raccoons anyone?


I swear to God, I really provide more value than a raccoon! On my parents’ lives!

On-topic: the rules seem quite reasonable. :slight_smile:

@michael Forum Behavior Guidelines look great. How about adding one for brokers / dealers who artificially are keeping their ads pinned to the top of the forum warned or suspended for essentially spamming the forum w/ bad deals.


@CaptQ, done!