Please retire thx

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lol you should definitely do it, transfer your offroad, grab this pro. especially this is an exclusive one year color.

Gotta get it only for the color!

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No Cali? Or is this open?

Actually probably adds too much to the cost relative to what the car is I suppose. Sick deal this thing should be gone in no time…

Omg; where was this deal 2 months ago. These I was quoted for double that payment. Trd-pro lease deal is insane.

Didn’t I quote you a trd pro for 450 all in $0 down?

Nope, I wish you did. Got a wrangler instead.

I can do any state other than Cali on the pro

Expecting it to go this weekend!

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Thanks man! I pushed my dealer to match it up

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I am still flabbergasted that this voodoo blue is still here. People worried about getting stuck w needles or something?

I was applauding myself for finding this :clap:


Is it manual?

No sir it is an automatic

Get it yourself. The deal is great, If I had space I’d get it right now.

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I have a taco I got 6 weeks ago.

Tried but can’t justify getting this one and transferring the other one.

Someone will pick it up this weekend! Lots of PMs

I wish I didn’t a,ready have a 2018 Taco. That voodoo blue is so sweet!

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Adding a second Tacoma TRD Pro but this one is black!

$10 more/month than the blue one listed above due to the slightly higher MSRP.

*similar car pictured. Image from google



Any state but Cali only because it needs to be reg’d before it leaves the lot!

Grab these now folks. The dealer is losing big time on these. Mine is not happy with me offering it for this price! Haha

Don’t forget about Gap insurance also. I forgot to tell a couple clients that switched to tfs from usbank last minute about gap and they weren’t very happy…your personal company should offer it cheaper than tfs

Thanks for the deal approval Jim!

I’m beyond shocked the Pros are still here after the number of inquiries I’ve seen about them over the last 6 months +