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Hey Folks!

Heres one for the highlight reel

2019 X3 Loaner
Mineral White w Black Interior
MSRP $48xxx
Slightly over 5000 miles but we got an exception

With Loyalty

MSDs and Upfronts DAS
36/10 is $348 + Tax
Remove $750 from incentives if no loyalty and it becomes $369+Tax w Upfronts and MSDs

New England Clients Get Preference for Next 48 Hours


Can you provide me exact quote for white with black interior?

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Is this soft-top?

Hi There,

I see you’re new to the forum.

I believe they’re all soft top for 2019.

Please use the calculator above for a quote. It will provide the information you need based on the terms you require.


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Can loyalty be locked in if I submit the credit app today. I had a bmw lease returned in November last year.

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I believe it is 12 months so it’ll be very close.

Generally BMW dealers are pretty good about working that stuff out w BMW FS

Feel free to give me a call if you’d like to get it going.


No hardtops with the new Z4. Goes for both the 4 and 6 cylinder models.

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And I believe 2020 is the last year of hard top for the 4 series verts too

Terrible timing! I have an ftype expiring April 1 and a6 expiring 3/15. Absent pull ahead, I don’t need another car. Hopefully you have something like this next year. I was wondering how I would replace the ftype and this seems like a great deal/option.

Hi I’m interested on the White on Red - $60xxx M-Sport can this deal work on Texas ?

Which color is interior and which is exterior ?

White exterior with red interior

Does the white on red include black wheels and executive package? Interested in FL.

Can you ship to Hawaii? Estimated cost?

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Can ship anywhere if you want to do the leg work on finding out price. I’m sure it’s pretty gross

It can but taxes are quite complex.

@Electric May be able to assist you better

Shipping to Hawaii is pretty atrocious, yes. Between that and all the hands out looking to get paid you’re almost better off grabbing a car on the island for 5% discount.


I have been looking at reviews of the base model… impressive! About 5 seconds to 60, 295 ft pounds of torque, among other upgrades from the previous model…:+1:


Hey Folks!

These are moving quick.

3 of 8 currently sold. Please see calculator and adjust to your needs.

White Ex Red Int - $60xxx M-Sport
Black/Ivory - $58xxx M-Sport
White/Red-$59xxx M-Sport
White/Black-$59xxx - Executive
Blue/Cognac-$58xxx - Executive
Red/Ivory-$59xxx - M-Sport
Red/Black $55xxx

I just received word that I can move 8 2019 Z4s for 13% off pre rebates coupled with base MF and they can go to any state but CA.

This time of year, shipping to FL is about $1000
Virginia $600
West Coast closer to $1500

Sample Deal
MSRP $55xxx
$2000 + Reg and MSDs DAS
$409/Month + Tax

Remove -$1000 from Calc if no Loyalty (Add $28)

Adjusted calc on 11/17 to reflect a more accurate registration fee. Subject to slightly differ based on your state.


Leasehackr Calculator — LEASEHACKR

Leasehackr Calculator lets you estimate and share your lease numbers. It integrates available Multiple Security Deposit (MSD) and money factor discount programs. Its benchmark Leasehackr Score enables you to evaluate your deal.

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Increased discount to 13% on these Z4s and added a 530 @ 17.2% off in OP!

Thank the black ice this morning for the extra .5% discount on the Z4s lol. Theyre not easy to move around.


Just Added!

Individual Deal 1: Broker Fee: $499
2020 Former Demo 745e X Drive
Allllll the bells
MSRP: $113xxx
Sale Price Including Flagship: $84653
Loyalty: $1500 (included) Conquest: $1000

DAS: $1000 + Reg
36/10: 799+Tax
36/12: 829+Tax

DAS: $1000 + Reg
24/10: 869+Tax
24/12: 915+Tax

The above assumes loyalty but does not include MSDs. MSDs can be added.

Remove $14 from the 36 month quotes or $21 from the 24 month quotes if conquest only.