Please retire thank you

I agree. Great time to buy a convertible in MA


Only if my wife let me buy 1 of these :sob:

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Buy one for her and ask her to let you drive it :slight_smile:

Haha - Yes that would be ideal! Unfortunately she somehow likes big SUVs (SMH). Been after me for years to get the HSE, unfortunately my last name isn’t Rockefeller

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You’re killing me Mikey

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3 more payments brother!

Going to hook you up with something badass!


:kissing_heart::kissing_heart::stuck_out_tongue: you’re the best !!!

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Please PM me z4M deals!

PM me about 745

You’re welcome to PM me with any questions.

Hey Folks,

Please see my updated spreadsheet for December.

These are all loaner deals sourced from New England. They can go to any state but CA.

These deals do not require signing in house.

For those writing or PMing with messages like, “send me more info,” they will be ignored.

After reviewing the calculator, please PM me with your name, address, car you’re interested in, and desired terms.

Active OL codes are good for $500. Not $1000.

Reg Fees Subject to Change Per State as Cars Require Reg Before Leaving MA

Thank you,

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I am a NY resident, i am interested in the 540i can i get more info

Hey There,

As much info as I am willing to share is now in the Google sheet.

Someone with loyalty needs to steal that 540 for a 24 Month.


These are all loaners and the calculator is embedded in the sheet. Feel free to adjust as needed my friend

Color is white

I am new can u guide me.
Call me to make this easier,
I wont wast ur time

Hi Looking for a good deal on a 440 BMW xi or something similar demos are ok. Currently have a BMW 430xi with MSD registered in NY. Any help would be much appreciated.


Sorry nothing like that to report at the moment.

Just what is on the spreadsheet.

Another 5 Series Added at 17% off.
All interior colors added.

Highlighting the Misano Blue X2 M Sport. HOT Car :slight_smile:
Similar but identical car pictured


With Upfronts and MSDs, $329/Month + Tax
Sans MSDs, $350/Month + Tax

  • $7/Month to the numbers ^^ if no loyalty.
    $46xxx MSRP!
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Holy cow, that 540 is a smoking deal!


I like that car for the money as well. Thought it would be gone already :slight_smile: