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  1. 2018 M3 Base (No Comp or models with bigger than OEM18s) No white or black. Only option I care for is heated seats. All else is extraneous
  2. 36/12
  3. NY/NJ/CT
  4. Contact via LH Messaging
  5. Special qualifications - USAA, possibly Conquest (current 911 owner)
  6. Putting 0 down
    Credit Score 770+
    Budget is is 575 to 650. I’m assuming the market for bases isn’t too strong. Open to demo/loaners.

Any upcoming lease deals to look out for?

Money factor on Highlander’s are no bueno. It would be tough unless it’s a base base highlander

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That was 5 months ago, rates were different. Right now yes, youd be correct - standard rates for highlander - at least they were for February.


Looking for Ram 1500, Ford F150 Pickup. Must be 4 door with 6.5’ bed, do not much care other options.
Please PM me if you have any good deal, ready to sign ASAP.



Have you found a vehicle yet? I have a silver 2018 Highlander SE with 9,000 miles that I need to get rid of/transfer in the next couple weeks. 36,000 miles remaining on lease ending June 2021. I’m located in Seattle too and the monthly payment after tax is $408. $2,000 MSDs that would need to be paid to me (that you’ll get back at lease end). PM me if interested.


I’m looking for the following, hopefully someone might be able to help.
2018 X1 or X2, new or demo
Premium package and upgraded/Harman Kardon stereo
M-package is a bonus, not a deal breaker either way
I’m in metro Detroit
Current BMW leasee
Thanks in advance!


I have no idea why but I’m finding the hard way that the lease market in Atlanta isn’t easy to negotiate even though I’ve done a number of very good leases before I moved here. As I don’t have much time to deal with this myself and my current lease on a 2015 Hyundai is up in 2 weeks I’d like to see if local brokers can help out. I’m looking at the following vehicles:

2019 Pacifica Hybrid Limited
2018-19 Pacifica Limited
Honda Odyssey EX-L or higher
2019 Mazda CX-9 GT or better
2018-19 Toyota Highlander Limited or higher(hybrid or gas)

I’m open to other makes and models of 3-row vehicles that are highly optioned with minimum requirements for leather seats, memory driver seat, driver assistance package etc.

I have Costco discount, supplier discount programs at Chrysler, Ford, GM, VW, Volvo if these would be helpful for pricing.

I’m opened to travel in a radius of up to 500-600 miles from Atlanta to pick up vehicle if savings warrant it.


An M3 for $575? Best of luck bud.

SoCal: Best Deal <$200/mo on CUV?

Looking for a good deal on the Acura TLX. I’m in New York and I need at least 15k miles a year. Please PM me with any deals you may have thanks.


Anyone from gulf states area with luck on a tundra lease?


*** Leasing This Week ***


2019 BMW X3 M40i

MSRP: $63,520

36 Month Lease
10k Miles/Year
South Florida (33431)
Contact via LH Messaging (I’ll PM you my phone number/email)

Current 2017 BMW 340i M-Sport Owner (Loyalty)
Also own 2018 Corvette Grand Sport (not sure if this helps or not)

Pay all fees upfront (not rolled into lease payment)
No additional cap cost reduction

Credit Score = 809

Goal = $650/mo or below (ridiculous for an X3, but its for the fiancee)
- not inclusive of BMWCCA (outside of deal)

Loyalty :heavy_check_mark:
7 Pay :heavy_check_mark:
March Driving Event :heavy_check_mark:

Build Code: duh2aiyt

LeaseHackr Calculator #s

Options Required:

  • Premium Package
  • Harman Kardon
  • Vented Seats
  • Mocha or Black Leather (I think thats the only 2 options for Vented?)
  • 718M 21" Rims

Colors Open To:

  • White
  • Black
  • Silver


I have Acura RDX looking to upgrade to larger SUV like VW Atlas, Acura MDX Hybrid or Lexus Hybrid

seems like no good deals in March, is April or May should be better month of programs?

anybody have ideas for demos or other specials luxury SUV email me


Hello everyone, I am looking to lease a G wagon in the next few months. I know these do not lease well, but I will using it for business so that helps. I am in LA area. Can someone recommend a dealer or a broker to work with on such a lease? Any other tips would be greatly appreciated. TIA!


Hey guys,

Been trying to get into a Stelvio quad for past month, but no one budging under 1020 month for selling price of 70k. Never spent that much for a car month with that MSRP. Clearly not a one percenter.

Any suggestions for suv/cars in that performance range with that panache for the $ 900’s month (assuming 10k annual miles, nothing down) ?


You wouldn’t consider financing? My dealer had told me that most of his G wagon clients finance the car since the residuals are so high and there’s usually positive equity in 3 years. By the third year, they trade it in use their positive equity as a down payment towards their next G , and on and on that continues. The net effect of their financed pmts become much less than their lease pmts would. Just a thought.


Jay3, thank you so much. It seems like this is the way to go. Plus G is a heavy vehicle, so you can do a section 179 deduction on it. Do you by chance know what percent off MSRP to shoot for on a G wagon?


I would reach out to Dez at MB Long Beach or Russ at MB Foothill Ranch. Both are straight shooters. We are on our 6th lease from Dez, and we would’ve done the new G but at the time (Aug/Sept), we couldn’t wait.


My guess would be not a whole lot. Inventory on these is typically scarce and there’s a good chance you would have to order what you are looking for. I can recommend my go-to dealer to you on the east coast if you would be willing to transport. I continuously lease from him and have referred over 10 deals within the last 3 years. He is as good as they come and had given me about 13% off an ordered 2019 S class back in November. Send me a PM if you want his details.