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  1. 2019 / Hyundai / Santa Fe Ultimate 2.0T AWD
  2. 36/12k
  3. Northern NJ
  4. PM
  5. None


  1. M3/M4/S4/S5 ~750-800 for M3, $625 for S4
  2. 36/10 or 12
  3. FL
  4. PM
  5. Pretty open on specs, just no red interiors


Get a highlander from @Jrouleau426


That’s easy.

Just throw this in the back of the Tacoma TRD PRO for MSRP + $35 dollars

  1. 2018/19 GMC Terrain SLT
  2. Black/White
  3. Flexible
  4. New Jersey/ Monmouth County
  5. Preferred method of contact: PM
  6. Special qualifications: 750 credit score w/ a co-signer with a 750 credit score also


I WANT THAT for my car… I’ll leave it in the back seat.

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Welcome. Please register as a business


Really thinking of making this my avatar. It is unbelievable.


Sure ! and get big Eye lashes for the LS as well :smile:


Winning a Stanley Cup is a unicorn deal for NYR :grin:


Looking for Audi SQ5 Lease. I am in the Boston area but don’t mind traveling to neighboring states or shipping a car from west coast.

Color: Dark exterior, black or gray. Flexible on interior.
Trim: P+ but no S package. Close to basic P+. Carbon fiber inlays are cool though. As is the premium Napa leather.
MSRP: Around $60k


Hi looking for the good lease under $400

  1. Year/Make/Model or Budget or Vehicle Type-2019/Luxury SUV(Audi/ BMW/Volvo) with tech package
  2. Term/Mileage-36/12K miles
  3. Region/State-PA/NJ preferable
  4. Preferred method of contact-Mobile
  5. Special qualifications, if applicable (recent grad, competitive lessee, etc.)- Corporate discount, wife is a recent grad student not sure if this helps.
    Credit score -800+






not sure what’s realistic,
Hopefully 1% of MSRP


Zuccccccccc will be missed :frowning:
Win one for hank in my lifetime, please.


I am looking for a full sized luxury car lease in Metro Detroit Area within the next 60 days for Under $400/mo on $0 DAS (if feasible)

We are replacing a well optioned 2016 Hyundai Genesis (now Genesis G80) (MSRP $48K)

Not sure if my goal of under $400/mo all in is realistic.

Attributes of Sedan Lease:

  • Looking for a well-equipped AWD Full Sized Luxury Sedan
  • Sedans I would consider would include well optioned versions of following: Audi A6, Cadillac CT6, Mercedes E-Series, BMW 5 Series, Genesis G80, Volvo S90 or Equivalent.
  • Target Cost: Under $400 all in on $0 DAS with MI Taxes. (or less depending on up front costs / fees)
  • Term: 30 to 42 mo
  • 10K miles/yr
  • MSD Okay
  • Credit Score 760+
  • Location: Detroit, Michigan or within 250 miles
  • Hyundai / Genesis Loyalty because of current lease.

Please respond/reply to me directly


Oh no I’d put a roof rack on and strap it to the top

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