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Lol tell that to all the ppl here taking every word here so personally


I can see my potential customers making a mental note to not reach out to me :slight_smile:

Only those with no sense of humor, though. For the rest of them, we’ll have a blast!


Yeah I don’t think this guys coming back lol


Shame. He seemed like such a charmer…


Looking for lease deal on BMW X2, Volvo xc40, Honda Passport, Audi A3 for under $400 per month.
36 months 12k


Looking to take over a lease:

  1. 2017+/ any Make/Model - sub 400$ - awd sedans
  2. any Term/Mileage
  3. Chicago Region
  4. Preferred method of contact - DM or email - (subj: lease takeover)
  5. Special qualifications - I make great toast!


1.2019 Infiniti Q50 Lux (Iridium Blue, Graphite, White, Silver in that order lol)
3.Bay Area/CA
4.Private Message and Email at this time
5.Not Sure if I qualify for anything



Didn’t hear anything on this. Which brokers do Volvo in NY?


Looking for a 7 seater SUV lease.
Area: BayArea
Monthly payment: 350
MSD: can do upto 3k
Miles: 12000/yr
Preferred: MDX, Qx60, Mazda CX9 grand touring, Highlander XLE or any with leather seating.
Please PM me if you have any deals


@nyclife, @Benedetto, @aronchi
Also look for local brokers here:



Looking for a small - midsize SUV
$3000 down
Payments between 250 and 350
Miles 12-15k a year



Looking for a Lexus gx470 lease
So Cal area
12k miles/yr
Any deals out there?


Hello. I’m in search for any brokers who can work on BMW’s. Thanks.

  • Model/Budget: Looking for luxury car or SUV. Want to be under $400/month all in
  • Term/Mileage: 9-24 months, at least 1,000 miles per month.
  • Region/State: FL. Can travel up to 250 miles
  • Preferred method of contact: PM
  • Special qualifications: looking for something asap


Im ready to turn in my lease in, i figure the easiest thing to do is look for an auto broker since I’m new to the area? currently have a 2015 Q50 infiniti from florida registered… Help?

  • Model/Budget: Porsche boxter 718,
  • Term/Mileage: 24 months , 10k Miles
  • Region/State: SoCal
  • Preferred method of contact: PM


2019 Infiniti Q50 3.0 AWD , $300’s/month
10K-12K / 36 or 39 months
Located in NYC, car needs to be registered in Florida
Please DM

  • Model/Budget: 2018 BMW X5, Prefer light exterior, Prefer xDrive40e > Diesel > 35i/40i, prefer tech package
  • New or Service Loaner < 5kmiles
  • Term/Mileage: 30-36mo, 15k
  • Region/State: SoCal, but I’m open to out of state deals as well
  • Preferred method of contact: PM


Could you please help me get Jeep Cherokee (not grand but simple Cherokee) deals today.
My total budget is $12,000 Max for a 3 year lease (I am ok doing down payment or no down), preferably 12k miles.
I also wanted to know what is the best trim I will be getting for the above budget.
Anyone who is aware of the dealer please share details or deal and contacts of dealer privately or email me on Thank you so much in advance.


I am looking to lease either Jeep Cherokee/ Infinity QX50/ ACURA RDX/ ALPHA ROMEO STELVIO. I would appreciate if you could provide me with the best offer from any of the dealers near northern NJ. Thank you so much in advance.

NYCLIFE Brokering, [New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut]