Please keep all your “wanted” ads here - Part 3

Looking for a Silverado in Alpharetta/Atlanta (30009)
Crew Cab
LT Trail Boss or RST, leather package, multi pro tailgate

Are there any Volvo brokers here working the VA/MD area?

Follow up - any brokers for Cayenne deals?

I am looking for a cheap EV (not polestar) in WI. Willing to pickup in person from nearby states (IL,MN,OH,IA,TN,KY,MI).

Any leads or broker contacts are highly appreciated. Thanks!

Check with @IAC_Scott


Looking for a EV9 GT Line for a solid deal. Tired of playing games with local dealers that won’t discount and add on crap. Based in SC willing to fly and buy

Looking for EV6 GT deals, Bz4x if it’s a great deal. Located in NV, willing to go to neighboring states for pickup

Are you aware NJ has no sales tax on EVs? Get in while you still can. Go check out a Nissan Ariya and you can even reduce your payment. If you really need a 3 row SUV, then I would be looking at Kia EV9 or Rivian R1S.

Can I get a Broker to reach out that can get me a very cheap BEV in the Midwest? I’m in Michigan and I can’t get any of these dealers to budge. I see tons of people say they get under $200 per month deals in SoCal but never anything near me.

Can I get a list of brokers in the Midwest please?

There are some but also many of the northeast brokers will sell to your area and ship.

Shipping can often be worth it vs a local deal.

Looking for deals to lease a 3-row SUV in Texas. Looking at EV9 and R1S but I am open to good deals on gas models as well.

Any leads or broker contacts are highly appreciated. Thanks!

Looking for a Lexus RX350h, premium or premium+, white exterior and palamino interior, 0 down, 12k miles/year, 36 months, Minnesota, shipping ok


Trying to help a friend, located in Nor Cal, find a Ram 2500 Diesel 4X4 Big Horn. Open to purchase or lease. I see some units advertised $10-12K off. I could find any recent data points on LH. Any thoughts?

Looking for a 2023-2024 Porsche Cayenne Coupe. 12k miles 36 month lease. Open to loaners, demo, and new.

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looking to lease a ram 1500 crew cab.
36/10 or 48/10
800+ credit
zip 11356

Any loaner Porsche taycan leads? Flexible with the terms as long as its a great deal. Please DM me

Yes this is another “I need to lease a car for my wife” post. Need this like yesterday.

2024 Hyundai Kona NLine
36 month / 10k miles
Flexible with color, anything dark will do. Dark interior (kids).
Shooting for $400 (or under) monthly payment, with as little down as possible.

I’m in Miami, FL. Don’t mind driving more than a few hours to pickup. I can leave, like in 5 minutes…

If any broker can help me out I would REALLY appreciate it. I’ll pay your fee up front. Last thing I want to do is spend all weekend touring dealerships. Thanks!

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Ram lease up soon (thanks @autocompanian)

Starting to look for larger 3 row suv or minivan. What is currently best deal out there these days? grand highlander/pilot/odyssey/GC L?

Need something bigger than telluride/highlander/ev9 types. Do armada/enclave lease well? Anything out there in ballpark of 600 with 0 das these days?

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