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Ford’s programs are never favorable

To contact them you DM or contact them directly(should be faster).

For James/Jim: Text 215-359-6836
For Boston Concierge: or 339 364 0356
For Penn Toyota CALL ERIC AT 516-621-8600 or TEXT JERICO AT 516-399-8579



Jim is for toyota?

also, thank you so much for all the helpful information …

Yes Jim is for Toyota

Keep in mind that leasing is like a college algebra problem with 4 variables that all have to line up in some combination to equal what LH’s would consider a good deal.

Lots of great info on the main LH page including a YouTube video on Leasing 101 to start learning how the variables interact.

Historically Ford has turned a few of the 4 “levers” in the direction of encouraging a purchase vs lease.

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Text me for 5k off tundra. Sr5 6.5 crew trd offrd or sport will be under 700



Any leads for 2024 Ford Ranger Raptors? thanks

WANTED: No more drama, no no no no Drama. & great deals in June.

Are you wanting a deal?


Found a couple with 10k ADM.

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I noticed Nissan has 18mo leases, I’m open to those as well (Sentra, frontier altima etc) I’m in FL… if anyone can help. thank you.

@AutoCompanion has some sub $300 Altimas. Not sure if Sentra could get lower.


Special Order BMW i7 xDrive60 - MSRP: $135,440 - Build Code:F1RKMGE6

Looking to finance with BMW (loyalty). Looking for 11% off MSRP or better if currently available. Any leads? Saw a few brokers posting 11% off BMW G70s so figured thats the floor to go for at this point :slight_smile:

Hi All - It’s been a minute since I’ve been on these boards but deals are back and so am I! I’m trying to hack a deal here in the Portland OR metro area on a 2022/2023 Jeep GC 4xE. I’m already getting frustrated by the passive aggressive idiot dealers here in Portland trying to sneak by crappy deals with .00212 MF embedded and telling me how this is an “unbeatable” deal. Anybody know of anyone I can reach out to, either a broker or trusted sales contact for Jeep? It would be greatly appreciated. I moved here last year and am from bigger markets (NY/LA) so it’s a little more difficult to source here.

Here is the link to a deal I got on a 2023 Jeep GC 4xE Base. Dealer discount was $3,585 and total rebates was $10,500. Monthly payment came out to $539.60, that’s with a $2500 trade in equity and $1500 down. The deal they gave me on a Summit Reserve which was $76k after discounts(before rebates) was $767 a month!!!

Leasehackr deal

Looking for cheapest low miles EV in norcal. PHEV may work but looking for EV ideally. Literally doesn’t matter what it is, at this time. Ideally a shorter period lease, 18 or 24m. PUrpose is to be able drive from point A to point B.

Recently Titan and Ram leases have been the most attractive. Titan’s peaked in Mar/Apr and have gotten worse since then. Ram is blowing things out in the purchase space these days but the leases are good - well within the $700/mth price goal.

Full disclosure: I own a really old Titan and a 2022 Ram 1500. Have previously leased a 2018 Tundra and a 2020 Tacoma. I like the Ram the best (because of front bench seat and V6 - 22-23 mpg all day in combined driving). The Tundra (old powerplant) was 15 mpg combined, but otherwise solid. The Tacoma was 20 mpg, but was small and the engine took forever to find a cruising gear.

Looking to lease a Ram 1500 Laramie / Rebel / Limited with one of the main packages A/B 1/2, 12” screen etc., advanced package and pano sunroof. Preferably sport or night package. 42/12 Seems to be the best term atm. Zip 12203 northeast

Just trying to get close to my current lease payment at this point which is $520. Have a Laramie with $8000-9500 (3 dealerships and 3 online buy quotes) equity to trade in. Having a hard time getting any where locally for the first time ever. Best I’ve gotten so far is ~690. Also have the 1k private online code to use.

I have part of next month left too. Though ccap buyout was 30 days but it’s 64? Ugh

Does anyone know if any dealers in Southern California is doing good lease deals on VW Atlas or Tiguan? I’m mainly looking for a SUV with the 3rd row. Thanks

I sell them often in Socal. Let me know which one and Ill give you a quote, Im well under MSRP

Looking for the best lease price on a:

Honda CRV
Power Seats.
Silver/Gray Color

I’m in Illinois, but willing to travel. Anyone able to get a decent price or where i could find one?

Looking for a dealer or broker to work with on a Volvo XC60 Recharge in Southern California (Los Angeles) area. Any leads would be appreciated. Thanks!