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Check the bmw broker threads and use a broker - if none in region try to get close (eg y% off pre-incentives)

Wrong thread, should be a separate ask the hackrs thread.

wasn’t this capped at 25k?

Also 4.5% pre-incentive adjust for those add ons. That’s garbage. Search X5 and look at comparable deals right now, browse the marketplace and you’ll quickly see the thousands left on the table.

What pre-incentive % discount was this target based on? Its ok to have a target monthly payment, but if its not based on a well-researched pre-incentive % discount normalized for add ons and MF mark ups its more harmful than it is helpful.

I have a dealer giving me almost same MSRP for $66000 after incentives? It was about $10K off on a custom built. Picture attached is for in stock unit

Their inventory was crap and new builds have shortages on parts so I passed.

Incentives were:

BMW APR $2500
PenFed 3250
Loyalty $1000

Buying and not leasing as business expense over 6k lbs SUV IRS section 179. Penfed and Costco member. Built to specs BMW X5 as the wife wanted. Then went to dealership and shared build code. He printed out numbers and asked if we were good with the numbers. He left so wife and I could discuss. Tried to get him down to a number I had in mind. He mentioned it was the best price he could do since it was a sellers market. Also he mentioned they aren’t stacking. They only had like 3 new X5s and its a big time dealership in Houston. Delivery would be 1st week of July. We left and didn’t buy bc I wanted to do more research. $2500 Costco rebate + $500 penfed is what you’ll see below. Wife is a nurse, was hoping for some type of discount be added for that but no dice.

See screenshots. Would love your thoughts. Was thinking about going to another dealership maybe in another city.

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Looking for deal on 21 Sonata limited 12/36 with just first mo. Payment in ohio zip 43219 Thanks for any help.New guy

Hello. I am looking for a lease on a 2021 Honda Civic EX or EXL. She is coming out of another Civic Lease and we are in Ohio. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

Hello, Looking for White 2021 BMW X3 M40i , With Hud, so prem or ex is fine. No loyalty and no msds. can contact me in PM and i’m Located in OH zip 43026 . Thanks

Looking for Honda CR-V EX-L( lease or purchase) or BMW x3 loaner (lease). Located in Atlanta, GA.
No trade and not eligible for loyalty.

  • Year/Make/Model or Budget or Vehicle Type:21 X5 40i/45e - build/existing/demo all fine
  • Term/Mileage: 36/10k; 60month finance/BMW select
  • Region/State: MD, 21076 - shipping are fine if total out of pocket is lower
  • Preferred method of contact: EMAIL:
  • Special qualifications, if applicable (recent grad, competitive lessee, etc: college grad (05/2020) and corporate sales
  • Looking for a broker in the North NJ area that works with Honda/Toyota.
  • I currently have a Honda lease ending 6/30/2021
  • I also have loyalty in Toyota from a car financing made in 2012

Looking for:

Make/ Model: Volvo XC40 T5 Momentum ( Lease)
Term: 36/10K
Region: New Jersey
Preferred Method of Contact: PM Me.
Qualifications: Costco

Looking for:

Make/ Model: Escalade ESV Sport or Sport Platinum must be loaded
Term: 36/10K or 36/7500
Region: MI
Preferred Method of Contact: PM Me.
Qualifications: Costco, gm employee, lease loyalty or conquest.

Make/ Model: Navigator L Black Label must be loaded
Term: 36/10K or 36/7500
Region: MI
Preferred Method of Contact: PM Me.
Qualifications: Costco, ford employee, lease loyalty or conquest.

Also have a 2021 Dodge Durango Hellcat I would like to trade in.

Need to lease a car within a week.

Looking for :

Make/ Model: 2021 Mazda 3 sedan or 2021 chevrolet bolt ev
Term: 36/10K
Region: California (zip code near 91731)
Preferred Method of Contact: PM Me or
Qualifications: Costco, Recent grad(05/2021).
Term: 36/10K or 24/10k

Long shot- looking to assume an EV lease with 1k+ miles/month - ideally bolt, i3, or something similar sub $300. Located in Socal but happy to travel north too.

Shoot me a message if you are considering getting out of a lease please!

Looking for a manual 2021 or 2020 Subaru WRX Premium with 10k miles and first month payment only.

Possibly open to other manual vehicles as well.

Looking to lease a VW Tiguan or Hyundai Tucson asap in Salt Lake area.
Also willing to pick up in surrounding states. Car must be registered in UT.

Nothing? No one interested in this?