Please help with 3 row SUV

I’ve leased many vehicles over the years. Had really good luck with Nissan, until today.

My regular sales guy at Nissan gave me a very high number, explaining that interest is now charged upfront and Nissan Pathfinder no longer leases well (at least with options I want).
On the flip side, Chevy dealer came back with a better price.

My question is - what 3 row SUVs lease well right now? So I don’t waste time running after a vehicle I can’t afford (already went through that with VW Atlas). I’m in Ohio (Dayton).

Nissan dealer said with my requirements Pathfinder would run $540/month with $3k down or so.
While comparable Traverse (2018) would run around $400. How is that? :slight_smile:

My basic requirements are 3 row, AWD, captains chairs, navi, power lift gate, tow, blind zone alert, auto cruise, etc. Seems like both vehicle end up around $42k MSRP. So why are payments so different?

I hope someone can help and suggest what vehicles are good to go for right now.

Did you try Highlander Limited ? It has the best RV and will go cheaper on lease compared with Pathfinder.

You should look at dealers trying to clear 2017’s out. A good option: GMC Acadia’s. Here is an add for a base model. Captian chairs, etc. extra, but Apple/Android nav is standard.

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2017 Enclave, Acadia, Acadia Limited and Traverse should all be good values, especially with a conquest rebate. At least around me in jersey there doesn’t seem to be a shortage of aged inventory. Unless lease support ends this month on any or all of them I can’t see the incentives getting worse. Right now if you have an existing GMC or Buick lease in the household I believe there’s an extra 3000 to 4000 in loyalty available depending on the model.

GMC Acadia Denali has all those things. With 4wd should be about $450 a month with 9% tax.

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Yes, was quoted $435 on a 36 month 12K miles Acadia Denali, MSRP $53,750. This with Costco, comp & loyalty discount (they do not stack). Have not looked at a SLE-1 base model MSRP $33,770, but $239 for a 36 month 10K lease is attractive.

Residual and MF at 24 months is very good on the Acadia right now. Incentives aren’t great without the GMC/Buick loyalty though.

I"m really interested in this deal as well. 239 for a base “good car” is pretty damn good. Wondering how much it can be pressed to higher levels (SLT, Denali) …

There are two dealers who are offering the $239 price.

  1. Simpson GMC Buick

  2. Mark Christopher ( add from last weekend posted )

Wondering what payment to target for a denali that is about 10-15k more than this one. Any ideas?

That’s the main issue with these so called GM “deals”. Once you go for the higher trims and add options which are fairly standard in other SUVs the MSRP sky rockets and the lease is not so attractive. For $450 there are so many other options for a nicely equipped 7 seater.

GM jacks up the MSRP compared to similarly equipped competitors and then give a huge discount and incentives so people can brag that they got a $53K SUV for cheap.

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I too am looking for this deal on 7 passenger-I’m currently test driving a 2018 traverse lt -they are trying to tell me 600$ payment 0 down.
It is very nice about 420 mpg between fill ups around mostly town driving
But u can get a highlander with all safety equipment standard on le model for 350$ month 420 ish xle-
Interior of the traverse is amazing tons of space way better than highlander imo but never had stop start b4 and it’s WEIRD

I am in the same boat. What were you offered for the Atlas? I guess in your case, Highlander is a good choice, given your requirements

For the GM competitor incentive, is it only good for lessees of other makes, not for purchases?

Thanks for great replies.
What should be a good offer on a highlander with above options? I’ve always assumed it would be very expensive to lease a highlander.

As far as Acadia goes - how much of a difference does 12k miles a year vs 10k it adds? I’ll need 12k.

I can certainly get a costco discount, but not loyalty (I have Nissan lease, 2011 Camaro and a Prius). What’s a comp discount? Competitor?

I will attempt to look at both Traverse and Acadia tomorrow, can someone give me a baseline for a decent deal? (I’m meeting internet sales mgrs referred by Costco) based on MSRPs below.
It appears I can build Acadia SLT-1 for $43k MSRP with required options (little cheaper than Denali).
Traverse comes to about $44k for LT2 with the same options (I thought Chevy was supposed to be cheaper than GMC? :slight_smile: )

Atlas was offered around $470-480/month with tax and $2500 down.

@SillyMonkey depends on model year & cycle. Generally Buick > GMC > Chevy . However Acadia introduced new body redesign in 2017, Buick Enclave 2018, believe the same for 2018 Traverse. GMC/Buick dealers trying to move 2017’s to make room for 2018’s just starting to arrive. Chevy already selling new body style 2018’s. Pricing below posted by SoCal dealer @chevysalesgirl for reference.

Comp discount = Competitive lease discount, which appears you have.
Based on spreadsheet if you are in LA your Traverse $44K MSRP would be north of $410, less than $590/month, with costco & comp discount/ $0 down & $0 driveoff, 10K miles.

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On Leasard, a 2017 Highlander with MSRP of 35412, it is $349/month, taxes and fees included. So that can be used as a reference.

I wish we had CA prices here, but seems like local dealers don’t like to compare to out of state.
Leasard and Honcker don’t operate in Ohio :frowning:

Is this good?
2017 Highlander AWD XLE MSRP $42556, Selling price $39574.13, 12k miles
36 months: $467/mo/0down, $436/1000down, $374/300down?

Idk but leasard (Massachusetts) can get that for 420$ 0 down complete including 1st month & taxes


Some of the prices I have been given in South Florida
VW Atlas - 600 a month, MSRP was around $44
Traverse 2018 3LT - $545, same MSRP
Both at 36 month, 15k miles, 0 money down

I think both of those are high so I am waiting. I would love to know what you decided and any prices you received.