Planning for next vehicle, Audi lease return

Hi everyone… I have a 2021 Audi S4 leased through VW Credit that is due to go back early January 2024… I’m not thrilled with the current market conditions, and doubt they will substantially improve by January – so my plan was to likely grab an 18-month lease on a Nissan Pathfinder as a short-term solution. Residual on the S4 is $36,922 - and will be way under mileage at lease end (Lease is for 36K, and the car currently has just under 21K). I’m in NY, so buyout would have to tack on 8.625% sales tax if I was to buy it… While I like the car, repairs can get expensive very quick once its out of warranty - and I dont feel like rolling the dice. From what I’ve read, VW Credit does adjustment to market value on 3rd party buyouts. I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions on what (if anything) I should do at lease-end… Do I have any play with equity here? Thanks

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