Places to get free FICO Scores

I see a lot of people on here guessing their credit score or basing it off a vantage score from Credit Karma, etc.

I thought it might be helpful to come up with a list of sources that provide free actual FICO scores. While I’m not aware of anywhere that offers free Automotive FICO Scores there are several that offer base FICO 8/9 Scores, which in my opinion is still quite helpful. Feel free to add. Free Equifax FICO Free Experian FICO 8

American Express App Free Experian FICO 8 for customers

Discover Free Transunion FICO. This was free for everyone but appears you need a Discover account now.

PenFed Free FICO 9 Score (doesn’t show which bureau)


Not sure if many people know this but Experian offers a $0 free trial for their premium membership that gives a monthly refresh on all 3 bureau official FICO scores and even specialty scores like Auto Score 8.

So what i do is sign up, refresh the scores and cancel trial. Trial lasts 2 weeks so after it expires you can do it all over again. Ive been doing it for years and never had to pay a penny on credit reports.


Certified Hackr :sunglasses:

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Always a good reminder. Also discussed in The Credit Thread:


I completely missed it in the credit thread, but good to know what’s still out there.

Nice hack on the Experian. It does look like it’s now a 7 day trial and you may have to call to cancel.

My Amex app says it’s based on transunion :woman_shrugging:t2:

Doesnt the federal government offer free credit scores?

once per year the 3x credit bureaus have to provide you a free report (not score) per federal law, but they are not from the government itself.

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Within the app is Experian FICO 8.

On their website they have a different service that gives a TU Vantage Score.


Mortgage lender here.

You can sign up for a free 7 day trial of “Extra Credit” on

Your mortgage FICO scores are 2,4, and 5. Fico 8 is typically what auto dealers will use. (this site will show you 28 different FICO scores)

You can downgrade to the free service very easily to avoid the $25 monthly fee

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