Paying over MSRP for Genesis? Anyone believes it is true and not a trick?

Reading here that people pay over msrp for genesis gv80… very hard to believe. Anyone’s guess? Could it be an outright lie, or manufacturer sponsored trick to create a false sense of it being in such a wild demand? I simply can’t get it, all my previous attempts to get into their vehicle failed because of extremely off-putting experience with dealers, simply an insult to your intelligence. More or less savvy buyer with healthy reasoning would probably never pay more for less. Admittedly their cars are interesting and worth a shot but I find it difficult to justify lease pmt higher than for german trio and on top after a very sub-par interaction with dealers who think that you are a halfwit who can’t do 2+2.

Considering how many people are still paying over MSRP on the palisade and telluride, I would be shocked if people weren’t paying over MSRP on the gv80 out of the gate.


The Genesis GV80, Hyundai Palisade, and Kia Telluride are all in high demand and as such carry a premium. It isn’t a trick, and it is what the market will pay. 100 miles around my zip, there are 71 new GV80s listed on autotrader (but only 5 have actual dealer photos, which means the rest are probably in transit to the dealership rather that sitting on the lot). In contrast, there are 611 new X5s in the same radius, 264 Q7s, and 676 GLEs.


There will always be people paying over MSRP for a newly released vehicle in a short supply for any half decent brand. Will it last into -let’s say its second year in the market? Probably no.


Short story, unless you have money to burn, do not buy a vehicle that is a current “it” car. In almost every case, there is a competitor that is as good or nearly as good for a fraction of the price.

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Me and my son have this on going joke about Genesis, “oh look it’s a Genesis, they must have gotten that at the Genesis dealer, oh wait…”

You’ll never compete with actual luxury brands that have actual dealerships that aren’t selling econo boxes under $18k


Yes, invariably the manufacturer realizes “hey we can sell 50% more of these”, so they produce more, the price drops, and the value of the car purchased by the early adopters drops accordingly.

The same thing happens when incentives increase near the end of a model year, absolutely crush is the value of the car is purchased prior to the incentives.

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Also, you should put this into perspective. Just because every Hyundai dealer sells “two” vehicles they are allocated for the week quickly, doesn’t mean the demand is “wild”. However it definitely creates the hype which is what corporate marketing department wants. See, we are talking about it and I bet every Hyundai salesman is telling their customers they are sold out!

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New model, low supply, great reviews, what do you expect? Genesis is trying to improve brand perception so they are going to discourage discounts as long as they can.

I don’t think it’s a production issue, but rather a pent-up demand issue. I’m sure Hyundai are trying to crank out as many money makers as they can. Eventually the demand will return to “normal” and pricing will follow, but it would be silly to think that Hyundai isn’t aware that their vehicle is probably the hottest thing on the mid-size SUV market.

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MSRP = Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price


I think we just said the same thing but in a different way, LOL

Ethan, that’s easy to say when you have the C8, sold Big Bodys, Sports, and defenders :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I agree with other posters - The Telluride and Palisade move quickly.

The GV80 is ranked the best mid-sized SUV on car and driver and it’s had amazing reviews - plus, it’s cheaper.

Anyway, I’d say yes. It seems reasonable these would be popular.

I think BMW/Benz are getting caught with their pants down here: they’re too busy trying to up-sell every other option and the base models are basically plastic and the same leather that’s found in their cheapest models. One m550i I drove didn’t have a heated steering wheel at 78 grand. That’s unacceptable.

  1. People are buying these, not leasing them.

  2. When you buy something, that little imaginary number called MSRP became just more imaginary.

  3. If someone is willing to pay, say, $70k for a product, it doesn’t matter whether it’s above or below that imaginary line. There’s only one real number there.

Big MSRP are really only there to fool people into thinking they got a big discount. Would you prefer Genesis be more like GM and slap ridiculous stickers on their cars and pretend to give big discounts?




The GV80 will never have any volume, and they will have a hard time with conquest. Any current euro driver (Audi, Benz, BMW and I’ll throw Lexus in too) will have a hard time with the Hyundai, I mean the Genesis dealership experience, or should I say lack of experience. Sure they can sell a few at sticker or above, but how many vehicles in this segment are the other guys selling

Haven’t seen a single GV80 in the wild yet, see countless of the other brands I just mentioned

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TLDR: after my today’s experience at one of the NJ Hyundai dealerships, I am convinced that Hyundai is subsidizing the artificial hype over GV80. I was offered a lease for 36/10 on $72,xxx MSRP (I can’t even get to this number in configurator, I top out at $66,xxx ) at a selling price of $75,800 with residual of 59% and incentive of $1K… wait for it… for $1,280 a month or so + $1,800 DAS [don’t remember the MF, the guy didn’t let me snap a picture of the lease worksheet].

In practical terms, someone must really think “I don’t want a V8 RRS, SQ7/8, GLC63, GLE63, X5M, X7M50i, etc” all at or over $100K MSRP “but want a $70K Genesis GV80 for the same money”… This someone must be living in parallel reality, otherwise I can’t imagine that there are people who would pick it over all the established brands. Even LR Defender leases better today. Unless these people have a s%%t load of f%%k you money.

The ultimate goal, which is publicity, is achieved for sure. [some] People are talking. But I am not sure if it will get them far. Make a decent lease program to compete with Germans and some Japanese and you are in the game but with today’s numbers, it will remain a white elephant, absolutely irrelevant.

Genesis concierge and dealership people admitted that Hyundai didn’t even provide the lease program terms, dealers are plugging in whatever they want, they can’t even determine a RV still. The car is definitely a dead end for leasing today, buying, maybe, but not over a sticker for sure.

The car itself is a good package, at least in my opinion after 10 min test drive, definitely in $500-$700 range but that’s about it. Again, the above is just my subjective opinion. Cheers and happy holidays!


The Genesis brand will fail without a separate dealership. Maybe Hyundai should look into Infiniti, make them a deal for the dealership network, since Infiniti doesn’t seem interested in bringing out new product anymore.


You can if you option out the second to highest trim, rather than the highest trim.