Paid Off Escalade ESV , Need replacement (same size), around $1k Month

Paid off 2017 Escalade, worth about $45k, I want to sell it and lease something the same size for around $1k/Month…w/5K down…

Needs to be same size as the ESV…

Worried about the recession and want to pocket the 40K or so…

Any idea hackrs?

SOCAL area

Might be able to get a wagoneer around that price point


Wagoneer LvL 2. Drove one, very nice.


We have a few instock wagoneers that may come close to that! @EskyPhil

Submit an inquiry and we will make it happen :point_down:

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I’d think you could get a grand wagoneer for that kind of money, which may be more in line with your Escalade. When I was shopping wagoneer lvl2 last month, 900/mo sign and drive was a good target. Now MF may have increased since then; I haven’t looked lately. Also incentives for GW might not be as strong. Worth looking into IMO.

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Agreed with these posts, there are a lot of wagoneers and grand wagoneer on lots, with incentives. Dealers I’m sure will play ball to get you where you need to be.

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Agree. Jeep picked a poor time to release. There are strong discounts on Wagoneers to be had.

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wow… seems like a consensus… will look into it… thanks

Get the McIntosh audio it’s sick. Almost as good as Alpine.


And definitely have @Clutch quote it. SoCal dealers aren’t often the best to deal with on discounts.

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I like the Alpine in my GCL a lot — I can only imagine what 10 more speakers, double the amp watts, and Macintosh tuning sounds like.

So how would burning through $44k over a 39 month lease solve that problem?


I think I need a GW “L”, are those even out yet?


great question…

i have a feeling this recession will be worse the next couple years due to “the great resignation” and the war… so it will get better after a couple years…

and re: the escalade, this is my 3rd of the same body style…the first was lemon lawed due to a clunk in the drivetrain when taking off from a stop…

so im worried about the reliability, and a huge engine or tranny repair bill would not be pretty…

even though the last two have been good, they havent been great…

Make sure to listen to it first to avoid disappointment!

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OK but I still don’t see how you’re protecting yourself from a recession via a lease totaling $44K, especially one with no ability to get out of it. You can’t transfer out of it and there’s no reason to assume positive equity if trying to trade out of it.

Plus all the Wagoneer discussion is moot if you need an L which isn’t out yet and probably won’t have any incentives initially.

Finding an extended warranty for your ESV or buying a used SUV with an extended warranty such as an Expedition Max Platinum or a Suburban 5.3 might be better options if their prices have come down a bit due to gas prices.


Is it not good? I have not personally heard it.

Depends on if you’re getting the ESV for 3rd row room or for luggage capacity. Wagoneer has more 3rd row legroom and headroom and the ESV (much less the non-ESV). You do lose out on some of the cargo capacity though.

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all good points… luckily im in no rush, so i can wait a couple months if needed…

id rather not buy an extended warranty because, from my experience, if not bought when the car was new, they always try to find a way weasel out of paying…

and re: the suburban, ive looked and they want as much as my initial lease for my cadillac was… 1100/month

It’s a little bit over your budget, but a Navigator L is alot cheaper then an Escalade ESV and they are much easier to find. If you can combine X-plan discount, perhaps on an order, with Ford Options or a Balloon Loan, I think you could get there ($1200/mo). If you looked at something like a 2 year old Navigator L and 84 month financing, it would be closer to $900/mo.

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