Over miles. Chance for forgiveness?


Ending lease on Porsche Macan in November. I’m going to be 10-15k over lease miles, or $3k-$4500k in fees. Anyone ever have a dealer forgive miles without getting another vehicle with them? The salesman already told me I can buy the car and sell it the next day for $60k(buyout is 48k plus taxes/fees). I don’t want to go through the hassle of buying and selling, but I also don’t want to pay the mileage fees. Do you think the dealer would take the car without mileage fees, especially if I “threaten” to buy the car if they don’t? They would still have so much room to profit by taking the car in and reselling it without my fees. Wonder if anyone has experience/advise with this kind of thing.

What did I just read…? No, the dealer nor Porsche is going to forgive your negligence of the lease contract, especially if you’re not granting them with additional business. Secondly, why would you not buy the lease out and sell (or trade) if you have the equity potential? You can’t be bothered for a potential $12K of equity? You may be on the wrong site, my friend. People around here kill for much less.


presumably because it’s US Bank.

Negligence? A little extreme. I don’t want the hassle of buying the car, plus the taxes, worrying about selling, time to sell, continued insurance, etc. sure there is room for me to profit, but of the dealer would excuse my mileage overage, so that they could make the profit themselves, then that would be a win for me and a win for them, no? I feel that I’m in a good position to negotiate because its in their best interest to get the car back and sell it because of how high it’s valued in todays market, no?

They’re not going to forgive the mileage. They may buy out your lease though, which makes the mileage a moot point. Have you asked the dealer how much they’d buy it for and compare it to your dealer buy out?


Sorry for my ignorance, but your saying there’s a chance the dealer may buy the car that’s leased with Porsche financial?

Yes, that’s correct. Gets you away from paying tax too. Likely they’ll offer less than you could sell it otherwise, but it may be a good happy medium.


VW/Porsche/Audi - not every dealer gets buyout price to buy the car. Only a select few that buy enough used cars from their captive arm have the opportunity to buy it at payoff. Otherwise a dealer has to pay market price - likely why the dealer didn’t offer to take it on the spot.

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Is there a list somewhere ?

Don’t think so - for VW it’s something like they have to buy 80 cars from VW (either off lease or on their portal) every quarter. Doubt that stuff is public info

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How many miles are you over today? Do you have a second car you can drive to avoid these overage fees?

The dealer has nothing to do with the overage fees. You can call the captive/bank who approved you for the lease and see if you can prepay for some miles.

10k miles over. Porsche financial

Absolutely, and this is most likely the route that I would take. Trade the vehicle in (having a dealer purchase it), avoid the sales tax and hassle of selling yourself.

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Call them up then.

Go in peace my son …you are forgiven


I turned in a range rover in may with 5k over miles. Said nothing, and never got charged for it.

In this market I would take the chance of staying silent and see how it plays out. Dealership will most likely buy the car and flip it fast.

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is it possible to find a dealer that will purchase it from you?

That’s what I’m hoping

Just curious what Macan are you leasing that you can sell for $60k with what I would assume to be around 40k-50k miles? It is an S or GTS?

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It’s a Macan gts with a custom color(pts)