Optimizing SiriusXM Trial Subscription on Newly-Leased BMW

I just leased a BMW, which came with a 12-month SiriusXM All Access trial subscription.

If I transfer the paid service from another vehicle we still have, does the BMW trial subscription simply evaporate, or does it add 12 months to what I’ve already paid for?

(On the subscription I already had, in May I made the annual BS call to SiriusXM’s retention department, where I pretend I’m going to cancel my service because it’s too expensive, and they pretend to value my business, and we agree on a heavily discounted renewal rate for yet another year.)

Cancel the service with the previous vehicle - SiriusXM will credit your account for later subscription(s) or refund your credit card the unused portion of the subscription.

It’s not actually a previous vehicle.

We still have it, but it’s at our vacation home and it doesn’t get much use.

I mainly subscribe for the streaming, which I use daily.

XM will add your paid subscription timing to the end of your trial if you want to do that.

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That would be the desired outcome.

That would give me 23 months before I have to make another silly phone call. :smiley:

Thank you.

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I love that dance. I do it every 6 months on 1 car and yearly on the other.


I only have the patience to call once a year, which I know means leaving some money on the table.

At the same time…

I’m going to consider this a post-sale rebate of $142.40, or $3.96 a month on my 36-month lease.

I know I’m nipping at the margins, but it makes me feel better about picking up a $100,000+ grocery getter.


BMW gives 12 months, interesting. I thought I saw it was 3 months. Hmm.

I took out my account number and radio ID, but further down in the email:

TRIAL ENDS 06/15/2020

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Here’s a question somewhat off topic. But if one subscribes to Sirius/XM in their car, do you have the ability to login online and stream their service from other devices like a phone or computer?

Yes, but it’s an extra charge.

If in the trial, it’s free…outside the trial, yeah, it’s extra.

Dealing with XM is up there with the worst CS ever.

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“All Access” package includes streaming.

“All Access” is the package in the BMW trial, according to this:

It looks like the trial is 12 months for new, 3 months for CPO.

The last couple of years the calls went pretty quickly and painlessly.

Previous years I remember hanging up and trying later after suffering for 30-40 minutes waiting to talk to an agent.

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I have to deal with them every 6 months to renew my discount streaming plan, and let me tell you, they are far from the worst. In fact, last week they were so nice, they transferred my free trial from one vehicle to another and somehow I ended up with a refund.


For what it’s worth…

I have done this a number of times, sometimes when trading in a vehicle with an active XM/Sirius subscription I received months of credited service on the new vehicle.

Other times I was credited the dollars (cash balance).

I just completed the transfer of service from the car I already had to the new BMW.

I now have a credit for $141.67 that will be applied to the renewal on the new vehicle.

Like any SiriusXM renewal, the rate in June of 2020 will be ridiculous ($305.78) until I call and talk to the retention department, but I have to do that every year anyway.

I also confirmed that the trial is for the All Access package, which includes streaming.

This took 6-7 minutes over chat. You can get in and out of the chat session faster if you don’t have a million questions like I did. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe answered already, can I transfer the free trial service from the initial car to another car?

No. You can’t take the promotional offer and use it on your other car.

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