Opinion on Broker Issue

This community has been invaluable to me and would like an unbiased opinion on a broker issue. I jumped on the 4XE band wagon in 2021 and after a few months of usage sold my 4XE to Carmax. The 4XE I had purchased was directly from a dealer and not ordered as I was unaware of the deals at the time.

Fast forward to the end of the year, I ordered 2 - 4XE’s through a broker on here (one for me and one to flip). I’m well aware of the popular dealers but the cost was reasonable enough to justify them working with the dealer to execute the order.

I was told today that Jeep cancelled the order due to multiple orders at my home address. While I question that since these are my only two orders, I asked the broker if it was possible to place the orders again of which they declined to do. I followed up by asking for a refund which they also declined to issue since in there eyes they did there part. FWIW they did have a no refund policy if the individual cancelled which I’m on board with.

I followed this up by asking for the VON to see whether the orders were actually placed and this request was met with some pushback which raised some flags.

In the eyes of forum, would you consider a refund or the cost of a consumer doing business?


If there going to keep your money your untitled too full transparency including order sheet with VON assigned. And keeping broker fee is a $hitbag move, there literally sending text messages.


Out of curiosity, how long after you sold your last 4xe did you place the new order?

Was there any discussion ahead of time regarding cancelation of orders?

I would say the refund should be easy on the Broker side. Refund the money and move on.


This feels a bit questionable.

Who informed you they were cancelled?

If you had nothing to do with the cancellation I don’t see why you shouldn’t get a refund?

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What dates did you place the orders out of curiosity?

Do you have multiple orders at your address ? Family members possibly? 3 4xe’s isn’t substantial so there’s got to be more to this.


The two he ordered were his only orders, seems strange as 2 is not even the limit per household, we’ve heard about 3-4 but never 2


I’m guessing that either the selling of the first triggered a review or the dealer canceled it because they didn’t want to get stuck with a penalty and it wasn’t actually jeep themselves that did it.


Who would initiate the review, CCAP? I’m assuming the orders placed were at a different dealer than first purchase. i doubt the dealer even has knowledge of the first vehicle unless he told the dealer his intentions.

The broker should be named considering that they even thought for a minute that this is ok to keep your $.


Should receive a refund 100%. It’s strange that you have to ask for the VON. The very first order confirmation I received had a VON on it.

Two different speculations I was making… either Chrysler initiated a review because of the sale and the order, with no involvement of the dealer or the dealer canceled because of the two orders. We have seen a couple dealers say “no more than one order”, but I would hope in that case they’d cancel one, not both.

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The orders were placed in early November while my other 4XE was already registered and it was sold to Carmax about 10 days ago.

I should note that I do have an order for a GCL in thats built and in-transit through a different broker for my wife without issue.

FWIW I was okay with the broker keeping the fee as long as they provided the transparency that the order was actually placed and subsequently cancelled as I respect there time and effort.

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So to clarify - you had 2 4xE orders and a GCL, all active at the same time? That might have something to do with it. We’ve heard anecdotal evidence of Stellantis auditing and shutting this down to prevent brokers/exporters from gaming the system…

Looks like a total of 4 Jeeps with CCAP. 1 sold and 3 more on order. Same address I assume?

They also likely noticed the account of the 1st car paid off by third party and took action.

Sorry this happened but as I mentioned they are cracking down.

We would issue a refund if we brokered the deal.

If you feel like compensating the broker for their time you can leave a tip, although not necessary.


^Yes….GCL is in my wifes name though. For all those asking, I don’t want to name the broker as I’m not out to crucify them.


It wasn’t until recently that LH became aware of orders being cancelled due to multiple orders being placed. With that being said, you should receive a refund.

I don’t think it’s necessary to mention the broker on the thread. My recommendation is to reach out to a trustedhackr or another broker to arbitrate the issue.

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Likely goes by address, so Stellantis doesn’t care about name. Tough situation, but you may just have to wait before placing any further orders.

Agree - this should be handled offline with THs.