OPEC Agrees to 10M🛢 cut - the gas price boredom thread

Up is down, black is white, cats are dogs

Because none of you are driving anymore (pandemic much?)

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Under $1/ gallon? Hell, the stations near me are only just starting to dip below $3/gallon


I don’t have anymore gas cars, I only look at the pump because I drive by it

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OPEC has a long history of agreeing on production cuts… , And then cheating on them by overproducing above the agreed cut levels.

It remains to be seen what actually gets implemented


Shop around…i have 3 stations on my way to work that where at $2.55

After the 2015 crash the American oil production started to pick up again so this is a necessary step by OPEC and Russians to eliminate some unwanted competition. I can’t believe I’m saying this…but US needs to implement some nationalistic regulations to protect the local producers and allow them to be a bigger part of the economy. At one point you have to start taking this energy independence talk more seriously and actually make it happen.

I filled up at 2.09 today and there was a station I saw at 1.99.
I’m still long on my Exxon position.

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I filled up at $1.59 regular in Houston :slight_smile:

Exactly. The agreement is more like clickbait

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$1.61 for regular in NJ and our state tax is one of the highest in the country now…

$1.28 this morning for me


$3.39 for 91 in SoCal

You and your fancy cars that only eat caviar.


Fancy automobiles deserve the finest organic petroleum beverages. Pandemic or not it’s not a time to cut back for my poor supercharger

Do they even have Arcos in your city?..just curious. Not sure what the deal is with Chevron, there is one in my area and has similar prices while the 76 across the street is $40c less.

There is an Arco but it isn’t close. Chevon, Exxon. Costco is $0.30 less but wasn’t making the extra trek in the rain tonight.

The only approved way to buy gas is @trism Lowes Amex Rewards hack.

Yesterday at Sam’s club in NC.

And no I don’t mix them in the 7 ever. :wink:

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These memberships are a bit misleading and not real gas prices. My Costco is at $2.45…i still have half a tank in my phev so that’s 3-4 months give or take until the next fill…it will be $4 by then. Fill up some jars?

For everyone in CA that wants under $2 gas ($1.85) drive here:

It’s all $1.50-$1.75 around here right now.

I like to hit Sam’s if I’m over that way as the premium markup is usually half of that as other stations.

Can you still not get 93 in Cali?

Nope. 87, 89, & 91 only generally.

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Some cheap prices but im still paying about $2.39 a gallon. I thought when the barrel dipped below $20 we were going to see prices come down more than 40% but nope. Prices near me have come downn about 10-15%