OP Badge in Comments

When a user opens a thread, an “OP” badge is placed near his name throughout the comments. It comes in handy with long threads and follow up stories etc. It’s a simple idea but it would be nice to have. What are your thoughts?


Agree that is a good idea. A lot of other forums do that.

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@littleviolette I suspect you’ve seen this before

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I think this would be a great feature. My small brain often forgets who the OP is a few posts into a thread.

Done! Great idea! Thank you for the suggestion and link.


Looks awesome! Appreciate the suggestion and lightning-fast implementation.


I think OP is a genius!

Oops… didn’t realize @littleviolette would have the badge up there so soon lol

I really want to thank you guys for making a great platform. I’ve leased 2 cars from brokers since I joined and I’m just happy I can help in my little way.


Gotta admit, enjoying this more than I thought I would. Cheers guys!


Great idea and fast implementation!! Love stuff like this.

Not sure this warrants a new thread, but there might be a minor issue with this feature. When looking at replies to a specific comment, it tags those replies with the original poster flag. Here’s a post that shows the issue, along with a screenshot. It happens in any browser, regardless of logged in status or cache/cookies. @littleviolette

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Just fixed it. Thanks for letting us know!