Online order for Telluride

Hi - Given the insane markups that dealers are charging for the Telluride, has anyone had better luck with at least getting msrp on custom/online orders? Or are they even charging a premium for the custom order as well? Also what’s the timeline given the recent supply chain issues? Thanks!

Use a broker, but I think Tellurides are not going for under MSRP and + 10k

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They were crazy before the craziness now they’re just crazier
crazy nicolas cage GIF


Pretty sure @max_g ordered one recently

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I think this will be the new norm until lots are flooded with new cars and dealers ran out of space where to park them.

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Yea, the telluride forum has an entire subforum dedicated to buying them where people share info on dealers who don’t charge markups on orders.

ETA is going to depend on things like location, trim etc.

You should change your thread tag to some specific state rather than USA-nationwide.


No broker required for this as the information re: ordering without markup is freely available


Any specific reason why people going crazy behind them?

First Model year and nicer than anything in the same class.

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They’ve been way better alternative to anything in the class…in a long time.

Look & built well

Ok makes senses.
They look pretty nice, hopefully they are as reliable as nice as they look

Modern hyundai/kia products tend to be at or near the top of lists for reliability. The days of 90s Korean cars are over.

The warranty for either car is pretty good.

The new Kia EVs look up to par with the relative competition.

The new Kia Carnival looks awesome and fun to mess around with the builder.

It’s on the short list for my wife’s next vehicle. They’re very nice


Iirc, you were eying the sienna too right? Make minivans cool again.

We went and looked at it. Dollar for dollar, the carnival blows it away.


If you can find one of either :joy:

Fortunately, I’ve got 6 more months before it’s an issue

I recall seeing a video where the sliding door width seemed rather misleading… like it doesn’t slide enough to reveal the entire opening if that makes any sense.