One question regarding the order of my 2020 M340i

Hi guys,
It’s probably a very stupid question. So, I order my car from one dealer in NYC area. And my MF & RV are all based on October number. My question is what if by the time my car is arriving at dealer’s shop, probably in the middle of December, the MF & RV is better than October. Can I do anything on that? Can I request the deposit (1st payment) back? Or Can I just ask sales to use the new number to provide me the lower payment according the new MF & RV? How hard to get the deposit back if you order your own build M340i?
PS. I also have the second thought about my payments, I got 8.3 Leasehackr score, not sure it’s good or not, but definitely already try my best in the tristate area over the past 2 weeks….

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