2020 M340i lease ask for help in NY

Looking for ordering my own build M340i. I have been in 3 different dealership in NYC area the past week. The best offer i can get is listed below,

2020 BMW M340I

MSRP $63,970 plus BMW tires and wheel protection ($1895)


DUE AT SIGNING $750 (1st payment) + $300 (fees)


I can’t get anything better than this. Does anyone know the who or where i can reach out to get a better deal? I was trying to contact some famous brokers on this forum but no response yet.

Any suggestion will be super helpful. Thanks everyone!

I was offered 10 percent prior to rebates on a custom build. If your not matching this on Long Island I don’t think you’re doing good

Not enough information has been provided. Gonna need the selling price + incentives + RV + MF in order to judge how good of a deal it is or not.

Residual value should be 60% for 36/12k. Base money factor is .00128. $1000 lease cash plus either $2000 for loyalty or $1000 for conquest. I believe $1000 college grad is also available.