2020 M340i lease ask for help in NY

Looking for ordering my own build M340i. I have been in 3 different dealership in NYC area the past week. The best offer i can get is listed below,

2020 BMW M340I

MSRP $63,970 plus BMW tires and wheel protection ($1895)


DUE AT SIGNING $750 (1st payment) + $300 (fees)


I can’t get anything better than this. Does anyone know the who or where i can reach out to get a better deal? I was trying to contact some famous brokers on this forum but no response yet.

Any suggestion will be super helpful. Thanks everyone!

I was offered 10 percent prior to rebates on a custom build. If your not matching this on Long Island I don’t think you’re doing good

Not enough information has been provided. Gonna need the selling price + incentives + RV + MF in order to judge how good of a deal it is or not.

Residual value should be 60% for 36/12k. Base money factor is .00128. $1000 lease cash plus either $2000 for loyalty or $1000 for conquest. I believe $1000 college grad is also available.

Hi guys,
It’s probably a very stupid question. So, I order my car from one dealer in NYC area. And my MF & RV are all based on October number. My question is what if by the time my car is arriving at dealer’s shop, probably in the middle of December, the MF & RV is better than October. Can I do anything on that? Can I request the deposit (1st payment) back? Or Can I just ask sales to use the new number to provide me the lower payment according the new MF & RV? How hard to get the deposit back if you order your own build M340i?
PS. I also have the second thought about my payments, I got 8.3 Leasehackr score, not sure it’s good or not, but definitely already try my best in the tristate area over the past 2 weeks….

In almost all cases, the dealership will use whichever number is best, so you shouldn’t have to worry about that aspect of your transaction. If you look through some of the BMW threads here, you will see several people who have had this situation.

What kind of deal did you make?

Perhaps a dick move, but you do know nothing is final until you actually sign and drive off right?

When i put my deposit down, i did sign a paper to confirm the configuration of the car i ordered. And yes i do know nothing is final before i sign the actual lease paper work and drive off. And that’s why i am wondering the deposit is refundable or not in terms of law? I know it’s a dick move, but also my last move if they are not willing to use the better MF & RV in December. Thanks, Electric! I got the deal of 699/mo without any fee upfront only 1st payment DAS on the MSRP $63970 (12K/36MO, only conquest rebate)

In Texas or anywhere tax is due on the sale price that would be a good deal. Anywhere else though…There’s more meat on that bone.

Just google it. Apparently, NY is as same as TX. Lesson learned!

That’s wrong


NY is tax due on lease payments upfront however one is able to capitalize this provided LTV ratio is high enough.

IDK if it’s changed but BMWFS rate locks for only up to 60 days (90 if you’re west coast)


NY is on total lease payments.

I’m confused here. Not a finance guy, but LTV is the term for financing the car not leasing. right?

Loan to value is universal. A lease is still a loan on the entire capitalized cost.

The way to think about it is a Lease is a type of loan product. Other examples would be a straight earned interest loan (typical vehicle financing), Balloon Loan, etc.

Please search for the big, long thing I wrote up on NY sales tax. There’s a specific formula the state uses when rolling in tax. It’s not as cut and dry as paying tax on the payments.

Hi guys,
Just the follow up to my post. My sales reached out to me and asked for the proof of residency, which is the address on my NY-DL. I sent him a copy of the mail from NYS Department of Taxation & Finance (just got this mail last month) that has my full name and the same address on my NY-DL. Apparently, it’s not good enough for BMWFS, they are asking the utility bills with my name attached. Because of some personal reasons, I don’t have those bills. Not sure what’s the next. My sales told me this morning he already ordered the car despite the fact that I told him do not move forward until the BMWFS gives the green light. I have 810+ credit score and have been leasing Lexus, Acura, TOYOTA, HONDA during the past years without this kind of issue. Did anyone have the similar experience with BMWFS? If the sales cannot pull the deal off BMWFS, can I get the refund on my deposit considering it’s not my fault especially I asked them to make sure the credit app approved before ordering the car. Thanks.

There is no such thing as an non-refundable deposit, thus unless you signed and took delivery of the car, you can get your deposit back at any time.