One Pay Lease 2020 Evergreen E-GT Electric Sports Car | Zero Emissions Exotic

The Evergreen E-GT is a 100% electric grand touring sports coupe. You can customize the paint color, interior, and wheels. You can pull-forward towards another Evergreen model (sedan, SUV, and truck models upcoming) at the end of the lease. Trade-ins are accepted.

One Pay Lease Special for 39 months and 12k miles annually. Monthly payments are $1535 for a total of $59,888 excluding taxes and fees.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2020 Evergreen E-GT Electric Sports Car Extended Range (370 miles)
MSRP: $ 124,899
Monthly Payment: $ 1535 + Taxes and Fees
Drive-Off Amount: $ $59,888 + Taxes and Fees
Months: 39
Annual Mileage: 12k (39,000 miles total for 39 months)
MF: .000
Residual: 52% at $64,947
Region: Nationwide

Purchase financing is available upon request. Sales consultants and brokers are welcome.

phone: 669.900.2310

I’ve never heard of this brand before (which is normal as I’m totally ignorant to EVs) but it makes a Tesla seem downright reasonable.

Best luck, OP. At least it’s interesting to look at.



$1600 a month with a $60k drive off?

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Thanks for your feedback and support. The upcoming Tesla Roadster is expected to have a $200,000 MSRP.

Only the drive off is due at signing. This is a one pay lease special. The monthly payments are included for reference.

It’s a one pay lease, so the das is the total. Not a bad deal for a unique ride. The issue could be more of a company like this is around by the time the lease is up and warranty an issue. From an outside point a one pay on this looks a little like a raising of capital


You should probably edit your advertisement to reflect that

Strange how little info there is out there on your company…

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This is definitely interesting and different, but there’s a lot of risk involved for any leasee, I wouldn’t recommend anyone do a 1-pay lease in this circumstance. And yes, apparently, outside of the links in th original post, there’s virtually no information about this company out there.

Less unique, but may be a safer path to lease an i8 for half of this.

So…what’s the discount?

Regarding the i8. Maybe I’ve missed it but I haven’t seen any screaming deals since summer.

Please give us a call directly to discuss any concerns about the lease terms. We are a start-up automotive company with over 15 years of sales/leasing/finance experience working with companies like Mercedes, Cadillac, SEMA, and OEM/ODM manufacturing for electric transportation industries.

The E-GT is a niche built-to-order luxury product, intended for the electric sports coupe market. It is handcrafted using 26 ultra lightweight carbon fiber panels. The 185 mile range version will be priced around $100,000. Electric sedan, SUV, and truck models will be released by Evergreen in the near future.

Who is the captive lender?




Is that the monorail guy? mooonnnnoooo raiiiiiillllllllll


and the Tesla will obliterate this car, actually a Tesla Model 3 performance will…

“Evergreen E-GT is a 408 horsepower, 385 lb-ft torque, 100% electric grand tourer from Custom Car Co. The top speed is 140 mph and the 0 to 60 time is 4.6 seconds.”

unless the range extender boosts the performance? not saying that’s the only factor in a car


The E-GT has 3 driving modes; Eco, Sport, and Boost. The Eco Mode 0-60 time is 4.6 seconds, which is the same time as various model and trim years of the Tesla Roadster, Model S, and Model 3. The Boost Mode 0-60 time is 3.6 seconds. Evergreen will offer over the air updates in the future to increase performance.

Holyyyyy hell this must be a massive scam.

Literally ZERO information about this company, this car, beyond what has been posted in the last 2 weeks by this “custom car company”. Only mentions of it are ads on cryptocurrency forums and reddit.

What chassis is it built off of? Why no reviews from respected car manufactures? Weird how it’s a single pay lease isn’t it? Just want to get wired $60k and then disappear.


Super sketchy website too.

Clearly a chinese company that’s trying to scam some people here. Fuck off.


Yeah but they are selling it on Ebay too so you know it’s legit. Get a load of that motor under the hood!Bitey


The E-GT can be financed with $60,000 down and $775/month for 84 months at 0%. Trading-in a vehicle 1:1 is accepted. Preference is for European models with $60,000 to $145,000 in trade-in equity. Please contact us and we will happily discuss your finance or trade-in scenario.