Ohio Removes Front License Plate Requirement, Joining 19 Other States

Story is from 2020, but I had no idea until today when I went re-register my car in my name after buying it from the lessor.

Actually, I figured it out after I left BMV. I got home and only had one plate, so I went back for the other one.

As my grandfather would say, “I stood there like a penny waiting for change.”


Good. Front plates are a waste of resources and hurt aerodynamics.


And makes my car look ugly

Good riddance. PA and DE been surrounded by two state plates for ages.


How do we get the rest of the states to come to their senses?

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Mass non-compliance usually does the trick. Become ungovernable.

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Same with NY…ut I’ll doubt they’ll ever get rid of front plates…

Before the change, I got a few tickets. Each time, I went in said I would put a plate on the front and they dismissed the ticket. Never did.

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In California, I don’t install my front license plate to support the 19 other states of the union. :slight_smile:


Next time I take the car in for service I’ll ask them to remove the front bracket.

The holes that were drilled to attach the bracket will still be there, but I don’t think they’ll be noticeable.

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It’s really not that bad…

Front plate always helps when I’m looking for my Uber and trying to read the front tag for my driver.

You could be at an airport and there could literally be 5-7 different Silver Sonatas.

Its also used for law enforcement purposes.


:eyes: @wam22

if the grill is aesthetically designed to accommodate it - then sure I’ll allow it - hell the G80 arguably looks better with an EU plate upfront.

They make plugs you can spray or even have made color coded for this very purpose.

That just makes it look like it has braces.

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Thank you. It’s no secret that I have no aptitude and very limited interest in solving my own automotive problems, but I wasn’t going to start a thread and ask. :smiley:



Front plate ruins front fascia of the car, but in NYC it absorbs most of the impact when cars back into yours when they parallel park


I’m very happy AZ has no front plate.

We need to get one of these installed. But I haven’t had a front plate on my car since I bought my first car in 2018 and Illinois requires one. Only one ticket so far and that was because I street parked.



I have spare NY plates that lead back to an M4.

Of all the cars to put that on, A Lexus GS? :rofl: