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Hi LH,
I’m Sean and I started brokering in 2019 because I love cars and have been doing it for friends/family for years anyhow.

A little about me… I’m a serial entrepreneur having graduated from Cornell and having worked in management consulting/tech. Been running my own businesses since 2005 in soft goods manufacturing, consulting and currently food manufacturing ( along with brokering.

I’ll do my best to find you a great deal while treating you with respect and professionalism. Any reviews posted below (good or bad) is greatly appreciated.

Sean Lee
Managing Partner

Our Brands: BMW, Volvo, Audi, Lexus, Acura, Mercedes-Benz
Our Markets: Primarily NJ, NY, CT, Philly (sorry, just regional deals)
OSP Auto LLC, 120 E. Main St. Suite #136, Ramsey, NJ 07446
201.785.7697 (Call or Text)

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“Exceptional” is very subjective bc a lot depends on the perceived value of a specific vehicle, personal situation, etc… Please see our posted spreadsheet and our website for our deals. I’m more focused on getting the best deal possible for a particular car. PM if you’re looking for a specific car. Or perhaps start a thread on this forum If you want a broad survey.

I used Sean to help me in leasing a new car and the experience was great. He helped me find the right car for me (Volvo XC40) and at a great price. The process was so easy and my car was delivered to my front door. Thanks Sean for all your help and answering all my questions through the process. I highly recommend checking him out if your in the market for leasing a new car.

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I started looking on leasehackers for a new Q7 for my wife and a new X7 for myself. I contacted Sean through this site as I live in NY and have been working with him for several months in order to make both purchases a success. In the past, I would enjoy going to different dealerships and finding the best deals that I can but for the nominal broker fee, Sean saved me hours and hours of research and time. He is very attentive to calls, texts and emails and responds immediately. He was very patient throughout the entire process. I did go to one local Audi and BMW dealership here in LI and the pricing that Sean was able to get was far superior to anything these local dealers were willing to do. We found a Q7 equipped the way my wife wanted and took one from stock and ended up ordering the X7 which came in just before the shutdown here in NY and was delivered to my driveway this past week.

With each dealership I dealt with, Sean told me exactly what to expect and exactly what the numbers would be. Everything matched up perfectly. With the X7, I didn’t step foot into the dealership or even speak with the salesman. Sean handled everything and I couldn’t be happier.

From the initial build, to his opinion on which options were worth it to what options weren’t worth it, his knowledge about the individual vehicles was incredible. He told me what he considered a waste of money and why and I truly valued his opinion. He made the process so easy.

I am extremely happy with my purchases and couldn’t have done it without Sean. I would and will recommend him to ANYONE in the tri state area looking for a luxury vehicle. Thanks again and look forward to working with you guys again!

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Sean from helped me and my wife (mostly my wife) source for a suitable ride (BMW X2) in this unprecedented time when all dealerships sales around me are mostly closed and/or a lot of them are holding back inventory as their usual supply of vehicles from the factory are disrupted.

Being in NYC, the epicenter of the pandemic, it was extremely difficult to have secure a decent deal. Dealers were just in “survival for profit” mode.

I initially tried working with one of the more well-known broker for an Audi Q3(initial choice) but after barely a few emails, he dropped the ball. No responses to email, etc. Not even a “Sorry I can’t help.” closing response or etc. Very disappointing indeed.

I then reached out to my local NYC Audi dealership to negotiate a deal and got close to closing on one but the sales manager decided not to honor it and instead walked back on the discount we had agreed to via email.

I tried to contact my local Lexus dealership but their sales department never responded. I think they simply shut their dealership sales department for now.

This was when I found Sean and he helped me search for a Lexus and when they did not have the specific color and trim my wife wanted (F Sport), we expanded our car selection criteria to include Volvo and BMW.

After a bunch of discussions with my wife, we settled for a BMW X2 that was in stock for a very good deal.

Sean was very patient with us and at one point, even took a last-minute urgent call from us (while he was out with his family and kid) to explain to us some parts of the lease contract which we were confused by.

The car was eventually delivered to us and everything went smoothly.

Overall, I would highly recommend his services if you’re looking to strike a hassle-free deal (check out his website, he covers a bunch of brands) in the tri-state area. I’ve done with leg work of working with the dealerships and it’s a PITA. Save yourself the headache and go with a broker, such as Sean.

Here’s a snapshot of the car we got on the day of the delivery last weekend. :mask:

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Thanks, Jay and Andy, for the kind words. Definitely challenging times but I’m glad I was still able to get you setup with deals.

5++ Star Review for Sean @ OffStickerPrice!! There are a lot of broker options for us in the NY Metro Area and Sean made them all look like money hungry rookies! He truly has a passion for finding the best and delivers on that promise.

As the old saying goes you get what you pay for… YES he charges a fair broker fee, but YES his price will leave you with a white glove, haggle free, unbeatable price, sign and drive deal in no time! What you pay him is more multiples less that what hell save you in the long run.

He’s always ready and willing to help via text, phone, email… you name it he’s a top communicator, knows his cars, his products, his options, and the inventory out there.

We ended up with a Stunning Crystal White / Maroon Brown XC90 Inscription and loving every second out it. Hats off to you Sean! Well deserved. Will be working with you for all our family vehicles from this point out!

I contacted Sean from OffStickerPrice in early May as my lease at the time was expiring at the end of the month. I reached out about a deal on a Volvo XC40 T5 Momentum which I had seen posted by various brokers for the NJ/PA/NY area. Sean worked with me back and forth via text (my preference) for a week and half to ensure I got the best deal possible given the incentives out there at the time. All of my many, many questions were answered quickly and I ended up with a beautiful XC40 (my picture does not do it justice) delivered right to me in Pittsburgh for an unbelievable price. I contacted at least 5 dealerships local to me and none could come close to the price I secured my Volvo for - one even strongly encouraged me to take this deal. I can’t thank Sean enough for his wonderful service and patience!!


I contacted Sean towards the end of May. I had been browsing the markplace listings for brokers, expecting to replace my wife’s upcoming lease in August. Due to a few factors we decided to jump in at the last minute late May due to the programs. Sean was quick to respond, transparent for the entire process, and laid out everything for us clear and concisely. On the day of our delivery, we traveled to the dealership office, signed paperwork and were on our way in about 20 minutes. The broker fee was literally worth every single penny. Our biggest plus was not having to deal with any dealership run around like previously. Sean has earned a customer for life!!

Car details
2020 Volvo XC60 T5 Inscription
Ice White/Charcoal

Oh my pleasure serving you. You’re a real hero for being on the front lines! Thank you.


Best car buying experience I’ve ever had. Sean was awesome to work with and very helpful answering all my questions. No sales pressure along the way. Just honestly and prices that nobody can beat. I highly recommend buying your next car through these guys.

Worked with Sean for a few days - didn’t end up getting a car through him but he was really patient and had a lot of suggestions for Audi and BMWs. We’d be happy to work with him again!

Bait and switch by Sean.

His own website shows:

NEW Lexus UX 250h AWD

COLOR: All Colors
MSRP: $36,415
SALE PRICE: $30,373
LEASE PRICE: $298 + State Tax
LEASE TERM: 36 Months
DOWN PAYMENT (Cap Cost Reduction): $0
DUE AT SIGNING: $2,117 (includes first month, $795 bank fee, $599 doc fee, $425 registration) + State Tax
INCLUDED INCENTIVES: Lease Credit, Loyalty

LEASE PRICE: $366 + State Tax
DUE AT SIGNING: $0 , ZERO out of pocket

I filled out the form and then he comes back at me with this:

Don’t have black or red in stock, but i think my dealers could swap for one. Lease would look like this.
36/10k with 8.625% taxes. No loyalty.
Monthly Payment: $362
Drive-Off: $3,355

  • First Month Payment: $362
  • Down Payment: $0
  • Upfront Fees: $1,495
  • Upfront Taxes: $1,498

When I mentioned it to him he made excuses and blamed me for not understanding how it works.

Yes, our website is tough to keep up to date with 100+ deals. On LH, I have the UX250H deal posted with the exact numbers I quoted you (except you don’t have loyalty). Sorry, you can’t understand that cars get sold and aren’t always available. As I explained, even dealer websites are not up to date at all. I’m not blaming you at all.

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It’s your business Sean, you can do better and stop making excuses.

Wow, nice response. I even offered to broker you a car with no broker fee, but I guess there’s no satisfying people like you. That’s the sort of thing I try to do even when customers aren’t very nice to me.

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I worked with Sean for a while. Didn’t end up closing a deal but he was helpful and attentive. I’d have no issue working with him on my next car.

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Hey Sean, don’t even worry about that naive moron, Demilio. Clearly he’s a noobie. Just keep hooking us up with good deals. My girlfriend loves her new Volvo and thank you for your patience in getting us through the credit issues we had. Couldn’t have done it without you. I really appreciated how clear you were with your communication and how you even gave me some sage advice to wait my til my lease ends instead of ending it early. Clearly you’re not just trying to take my money. It pains me to wait for a new Audi, but thanks for helping me see the light.

All, if you’re looking for a broker with a high level of professional service, don’t hesitate to reach out to Sean.


Amazing leasing experience with Sean.

Reached out 5 days before the end of June for a Volvo XC60 with very specific trim and color requirements. Took deliver of the exact car we wanted on June 30. The entire process was quick, smooth, upfront, honest, on par with the estimates on the excel, and with constant communication throughout. Will definitely be back in 3 years and recommending you to family and friends!!

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I just want to say I had the best experience buying a car ever thanks to working with Sean! I would highly recommend his services to anyone- and I’ve already have to several friends. He’s knowledgeable and patient, responsive AND most importantly got me into the exact car I wanted for the best price in the market. It was literally about $140 per month BELOW what the dealer where I went for the test drive offered me and that was their best and final offer! On July 10th, a beautiful new BMW X3M was delivered to my driveway and after a few signatures and all the numbers matched as promised- no surprises or gotchas, I was on my way. So after having it for 11 days now, I couldn’t be happier with the car and the whole process. For $399, his service is a BARGAIN and pays for itself 10x’s over. The hard dollar savings makes his a drop in the bucket. Sean earns his keep and then some. I look forward to doing future deals with him. A huge, heartfelt thank you!