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haters always gonna hate @nyclife

You gave him 9% off, knowing full well you can get 12% on an order for an outgoing X6, I’m such a hater

Better yet you probably pocketed the 3% = 2200


hating exactly… getting so defensive

Technically not under 1% given the drive off amount. True 1% is with 0 due at signing. Despite that, 1% isn’t necessarily a determining factor of a good deal or not.

Not a terrible deal but not a Great one either

I’d say 15k miles is usually considered above average, in terms of deals posted here with the “1% rule”. Most are 10k miles, so residual on the BMW takes a 3% hit; this deal was certainty under the 1% rule considering that.

As long as you’re happy with the car and the options, congrats and enjoy the car.

Or Oregon?

Looking for an x5 2019

Any way to see similar numbers for an Acura NSX?

i’m not married to x3, i prefer 5 door cars, but would take 4 if the deal is right. I totally get it, that he is saying my car is a deal, because you can not find other similar equipped x3 m40 with better payment.

I can help, 410-241-5555

Can we please refrain from posting the same car that I just did? I’m sure you’ve seen overlap on our dealer connects, and I specifically hold from posting cars you do.

I don’t look for other posts - Just got this from dealer and posted it
FYI i just got info that car sold

Car not sold yet
@LeaseHero claiming he sold it
Keep the inquires coming
It’s a nice one - Wont last

So, if this is truly the same car that LeaseHero posted, why the payment difference? When I set that one to $0 DAS and no MSD, I get $504/mo without tax.


Different brokers have different connections. Also, could be a difference in commission we take.

I don’t believe it is he same car. @LeaseHero must think he knows about every single BMW deal that pops up in California in 100/s of different dealerships all around!

You are assuming that this is the same car. When you Assume you make an a** out of you and me

Dealer let me know you contacted them and gave me a heads up that they were working with you on the same car. I don’t make assumptions.

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@LeaseHero I thought you had this car sold already!

I’m done discussing this with you, best of luck on your sale!