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I misread it as 740i. Oops!

I thought this post was a joke. 430i for 749/month? This belongs in the worst leases thread.

Can you imagine being in the last year of a body style and be paying that much? Ouch

Probably wants out cause he got buried in that lease. Can lease a m3 for 100 bucks less

Permanent headache from that red interior?

Wow, such an as****le, was just letting people know to get their recalls done, and you are trying to make fun again! Read this in the news again this morning.

Hi @BMW_Dave…what’s the typical shipping cost? I’m in GA and in the market for a 2018 330i looking for a unicorn deal.

You’d be looking at 1k to 1300 I’d imagine to ship cross country.

Edit…didn’t notice you were looking at 3 series. Moving to off-ramp, as this isn’t relevant to OPs 7 series post.

Looking for numbers QX50 Luxe with AWD Pro Assist and Essential Package. I do have access to VPP discounts through my job. I’m currently being quoted $559 for payments on a msrp $54,055, no money down. They claim to have .00035 money factor and residual of 58 percent. I owe $2,555.34 for pull ahead in my current qx50. Sales price of car is $49,810 pull ahead included. Is this a great deal? I live in Florida please contact me via message need some help on this. I think there’s a better deal.

I wouldn’t take that deal…

Not enough savings to make that compelling

Nice interior color…

Thanks! It’s a little “loud” against the Namib Orange interior but what the heck. Must be a reason why it’s the only one in the country haha.

Have 2 more orange w Black Windsor if anyone wants!

What were the details on the lease on the orange one… not shopping yet… just curious

No problem. I have a separate thread open about discos with pricing.

Few more available!

A thousand pardons, sire. What’s important is that I answered his questions and did all the calculations to vet the dealers figures… something you’re not capable of doing. Turned out that the dealer made an error. Could you have found it and corrected it? Don’t think so!

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Great post. Thanks for putting the effort in. Welcome!


Thanks a lot. Really helpful

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Hopefully a bit better than the last one

@isellnissan You have 2 repetitive threads now. Do you want this one or the other one closed?