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yes how many miles per year would you need ?

@mani_is_kool Incase you think I’m scared think again !! :joy:

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MSRP: 45260
Q50 Essentials

Due at signing: $3600

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2018 Q50 3.0 luxe
46k MSRP
Payments: $385/Monthly
Due at signing: $2200


2018 Q50 SPORT
MSRP: 52,840
Selling Price: 42,840
Payments: $450/Monthly
Due at Signing: 3k

Any looking for an Infiniti please contact me for a free quote. I deal with customers the NY TRISTATE AREA.

Offer great wholesale pricing. Delivery of car and contracts available at your request.


Hey are you still interested in a qx60?

Q60** sorry

Send me the exact model you about to get and exact msrp. Amount due at signing.

Maybe I can beat there price.

What state?

Wow, this is a great deal. Congrats!


that’s insane… do you think that can be replicated?

I don’t think that’s great of a deal? My wife and I put literally zero down on our t6 inscription for $399 a month without taxes. 30month lease. 10k

Where’s this?!? :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Comparing different months is like comparing apples to oranges. You can’t. It is a very good deal for that month.


That was in the glory days of s90 leases when Volvo couldn’t give them away, they were throwing so much cash at them and I think you also got a generous 6 month conquest bonus as well.

I didn’t realize it was over a month ago! My mistake!

Yes I got a $4500 check on top but wasn’t including that… my wife spent it in 3 weeks :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

If there was a marriage hackr site, most of us would avoid making the two most expensive mistakes of our lives :slight_smile:

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We should start a marriage hacker site…

There is one. Called “pornhub”.