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To your point - I sent the request during the promotion and you didn’t respond for almost a week! By then you changed the fee. I don’t care about the fee, just the lack of clarity and communication. I’m sure you do great things for people in this community, but you’re picking a fight that shouldn’t even be a fight. Be professional and move on. You’re a lease broker, not a tycoon.

Inquiry submitted on 2/23 at 6:29am

We responded on 2/23 at 3:24pm asking for build

You responded 2/27 that you are working on your build and that our email went to your spam. Asked if we can honor the $0 broker fee. We declined the next day and you asked for the MF sheet in which we no obligation to provide you. As a result of denying the $0 broker fee, you began to call the dealer multiple times.

As I said, anything else?

I can work with your dealer or any other in the tristate. If you do what had been said and know your numbers before discussing a lease it doesn’t require a fee. However, the convenience you provide is worth the money. I had no negative comments about you attacked me for a question I asked in a general thread.

I’ll never expose the name of your dealer. I’ll never say you’re bad at what you do. What I will say is your a bit of a jerk who felt the need to attack an individual with no foul intentions.

Also, my emails to clients sometimes go to spam. My best advice is to make the email more personable, advise the client to mark it on their account as “not junk” and maybe include some level of importance given the time sensitivity.

He continues! Don’t ever try and beat the broker or he will harass you!

I would highly recommend @Clutch or @leasecompanion over @DistrictLeases. Professionalism is key!

Never used @DistrictLeases nor went behind any broker. I would never do anything that is disrespectful to the industry. I spent an entire day reaching out to dealers I have gotten cars from in the past to see what could be done. One of those dealers happened to be the same @DistrictLeases works with and it really offended him. I never even specified the dealer, just posed a question on the general forum in concern for the dealer.

It’s fine if you want to continue being dishonest. As I said I will just give a fair warning to the other brokers. Thank you and have a nice day

I told you I worked with @leasecompanion. Please share my information with the other brokers. I would never be dishonest. Why bother? What would I gain? I’m no broker, I’m no flipper, I’m just a person in need of a car for his wife.

I don’t know your personal details, but you really need to become more professional to succeed in any business you aspire to.

I can care less what you wanna do with your 4xE or who it’s for Kevin.


Continue searching! I asked other questions similar to that for other cars. The reason I asked that question is because my wife is hell bent on getting the car, but if something happens where it’s too big or too much, I’d like to be sure it’s optioned properly to sell. Probably the less options the easier the flip, but I don’t care. Im doing a one-pay and keeping the damn thing.

You think you’re a tough guy, or have some secrets. None of the above exist. Im as honest as they come.

Want any proof?

If you’d ever like to be harassed by a broker then by all means pay @DistrictLeases his fee! I haven’t but I got my money’s worth!

Hello, interested in this can you please message me?

How do I contact Quentin?

Message him @nyclife. ← click on this, or email him

Just sent an email to you.

My lease is coming to an end in 3 months and I want to wait for the M2 CS. Just need something to get me through next few months to a year the most. Hence, for the obvious reason, I’m not willing to pay extra to take over a lease. I’ll pay the $500 transfer fee but that’s about it. Keeping my fingers crossed for something right to pop up here in the next few weeks.

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M2 CS allocations were released last year and were spoken for pretty fast. There won’t be a G87 M2 CS for few years, so I’m assuming you mean G87 M2/M2C. M2 start of production is slated for 12/2022, meaning first deliveries will not happen before Feb 2023 (remember the first round of allocations will go quick and for heavy markup). You’re looking at a year minimum, given most folks are waiting 3-4 months for their G80/G82 deliveries right now.

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I suppose I got the wrong info about the G87 CS. I’ll be very pleased with the G87 M2C as well. I’m reaching out to dealer to find out when they will likely start taking orders. I suppose you are right about a year minimum. I need have something to get me through the end of this year. Once an order is placed, the lease can be extended for up to 6 months.

Is this with Clutch’s SE dealer? I expect my November ordered Wrangler to be at the dealership this coming week so I appreciate info on shipping options to Colorado.

I sure hope so. I swear they have teams of interns trained to just fuck with people.