Off Topic Landfill 5

Whom? I don’t know who to hate now. Biden?

i dont need to “meet” you. we don’t need to meet each other. nobody cares what % off you got on your x5 50 4 years ago - your car sucks. you, like many people on this forum who kick all of the broker tires, come back every few months/years, very much like herpes, and you waste every broker’s time grinding down for pennies. unlike others, i was quick to identify this, and launched you. others will do the same. enjoy your day.



Dont send me fake news CNN gdp numbers lol, send me over 8% mortgage , illegals floodded through the roof, gas prices as well as other prices that doubled you moron. I am not even talking about other countries that lost a respect to U.S because of your basement grandpa that can’t remember where he is and how to get off stage.

Enjoy looking at spreadshits, sir. You deserve every spreadshit.

Alzheimer’s fan boy I already told that I got 5 cars here in last 3 year between me and my family but smart people around here knows not to deal with you because you are an arrogant p.o.s. It has nothing to do with X5 or any other cars that I got here. I have Mazdas, Hondas, Bmws that I got here but for offended by life pussies like you its hard to understand. “Staten Island is landfill, BMW is not a car, people here tire kickers” brainless morons like you should be banned from talking to people. You should seek mental help .
P.S please since you smart only here through messages do me a favor go sell your chinese made 4 c volvos and do not reply anything to me. The only reason I mention your stupid name is becase 2 more people were talking about you.

I mean… Staten Island is a landfill.


Another bright individual. They closed it 23 years ago. Get over it . Whole NY is garbage dump. Go find a good house in SI. Where I live they start at 1M and all sold out. I guess its not bad after all.

You’re an idiot @Kima


Where did you came out from and who the hell are you? Last post was made 2 years ago. You came from same basement where Biden sits and just call people that you don’t know "an idiot "with no argument. That is a show of intellect.
Enjoy your miserable day.

so landfill, confirmed?

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NY ( 5 boroughs) as a whole I was refering to.

Agree, but yours is the worst, by far. It’s a landfill.

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Actually your comment was so idiotic, I literally had to post after 2 years of no posts… That is how stupid it was.


What comment? Who is talking to you anyway. Go back where you been 2 years.

No , the worst in NYC where your favorite president flooded center of New York City with illegals on the street or put them in hotels instead of veterans or you blind to see that also??? Or all your little brain can digest is landfill, landfill, landfill. I mean you can not be that stupid not to see whats going on around you. I mean sorry taking my words back you are Biden supporter that explains a lot.

I’m no NYC sycophant but it’s kinda rich that anyone from Jersey, no less Central Jersey, would comment on SI being a landfill. Literally all of NJ smells like garbage

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Lol. 1000000%

Picking on Volvo people is one thing, don’t go messing with NJ now.

Lol no disrespect to NJ but the grouch needs some serious introspection.

The Garden & Petrochemical State