OEM vs WeatherTech Car Mats/Liners

Has anyone compared BMW’s OEM Rubber Floor Liners vs WeatherTech’s Floor Liners? I am looking for All Weather Mats/Liners for my X3, and was wondering which may be better.

Also, anyone have any ideas where I may be able to get either of these at a discounted price? Any coupon someone may be aware of? Thanks a lot. I am scheduled to pick up my X3 this coming Saturday, and with the horrible weather in NY, want to have something in from day 1.

I have always preferred OEM floor liners but WeatherTech makes quality parts.

For the OEM liners, just find the part number and through it into google and/or eBay to find the lowest price.

Yea, look on the BMW forums.

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The weathertechs are great subs, but usually hard to find a solid discount code. Just be aware when purchasing mats online, they tend to come in a bit warped due to shipping. Needs some time or heat applied to fit precisely.

Husky is an alternative option if they stock em for a slight discount

In the cars I have the weather tech liners are much deeper than OEM. A whole drink can spill into the liner without a problem.

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I checked Husky’s website but didnt see anything for BMW.

No but we just discussed WT vs oem for some other brands

You can usually find more discussion on the brand specific forums.

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