Weather Tech Floor Mats 30 Month Lease


Hi, I leased a car for 30 months and I’m trying to decide if the weather tech floor mats would be worth it while I’m leasing or not. I don’t think I’ll buy the car once the lease is over with, but I do want my car looking nice while I have it. Thoughts on if they would be worth it or not?

Thank you

Depends on the residual value of the mats after the three years. We need more information to give an informed opinion. :slight_smile: :grin:


Haha that’s funny, it’s for a 2021 CX-5

If it makes you enjoy the car more, go for it. Especially if you tend to track a lot of muck in your car.


Just my opinion: I have family who love WT and they fit fine, I tried them last summer in lieu of first-party all weather mats, and three tries they could not send a pair that both fit my front seats (2019 xc60). Even the ones “that fit” to me don’t fit as well as the oems, just better than generic ones.

I usually buy a set, shop online for the best deal I can, and don’t return with lease. When I had 2 C-Maxen, I used the mats from #1 on #2. If I still had mine from my CX-5 you could have them.

A good ebay purchase, and if you buy new they are easy to sell on ebay.

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Funny enough, they usually have pretty good resale value. On my Acadia I had an accessory voucher that I used to get the OEM full floor liner package, which retailed for 400 bucks. I think I ended up selling them a few years later for around $125?


Bought WeatherTech for my Forester for $120 at the factory. Sold it for $100 16 months later.

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Then again Volvo OEM mats are :ok_hand:


I love mine, and I got the magic volvo coupon/rebate. They were cheaper than the WT ones

I don’t leave a dealership without Free OEM all weather mats :slight_smile:

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It’s your car - do what you want to :slight_smile: others spend thousands on ceramic coatings, wheels, etc. To each their own :slight_smile:

I am no lease genius… Just do what I do… but here’s my take on it… If you want/need _____ (fill in the blank)… then GET _____ (fill in the blank). I bought floor mats for some of my cars/leases and tossed them in the trash when I turned car back in. I also tint my windows.

Hope that helps.