NY: Getting insurance on a new lease?


How would you guys go about doing so? Doing these online quotes is putting me at $550+…I don’t think that’s normal but I’ve been driving for years and never had an accident nor ticket. I can try and get insurance with my parents if that is cheaper but what quotes do you usually see? What auto ins. companies do you recommend?

Based on my experience, Geico and Progressive have the lowest numbers in NY.

What are your current rates now?

$550 is absurd

Try Travelers they have 12 month policies Geico and Liberty Mutual are typically the highest

My father pays 200~ a month. I drive under him, but still wtf…
My credit score is great, I’m literally the safest driver I know. Legit 4head

Are these quotes showing $550/month or is it a 6-month premium of $550?

It’s per month

No that’s insane call them direct but don’t run your credit every time

Is this your own separate policy? Or the one under your father’s?

This is for my own but I’m going to see how much it costs with him. Just trying to get a range of what it should cost in general tho

Check Ameriprise from Costco. It is also very good.

LMAO if I change my name to Mike Snow the insurance cost goes down to 300/mos. If I change it to Albert ***, it goes to 332. If I change it to my full name, it goes to 775. GJ Liberty Mutual!

Liberty Mutual is one of the worst carriers in NY…I rest my case

Better than anything else I can get on a quote now for some reason

Well who exactly did you call besides Progressive, Geico and Liberty Mutual who are all the worst ones??

Traveler’s etc.

Have you talked to @josh ?

Already in the process

Thanks for the mention, we are in talks and hopefully i can help

You spoke to Travelers? There’s also Allstate State Farm etc … I’d ask if they’re finding something on your record or why the rates are so high.