NY cracking down on brokers?

Seems like there’s a bill to enact additional regulations on brokers in NY state.

Anyone have a handle on what this bill is introducing and what practical effect it will have on brokers?

One thing I found interesting was a requirement for brokers to solicit bids from 3 dealers on behalf of every customer. As if that is supposed to do anything.

NY brokers, thoughts?


So, it’s not really about consumer protection, is it? :thinking::slightly_smiling_face:


Unfortunately, the proliferation of broker businesses has also jeopard-
ized the enormous investments of New York’s 1,000 new car dealerships
and the security of over 120,000 career-oriented dealership jobs state-
wide. In exchange for the right to sell, lease, and service particular
new motor vehicle brands, and according to franchise agreements, dealers
must maintain high levels of customer satisfaction.

Sadly, brokers only serve to skim profits and undercut New York based
new car dealers and the entire Franchise System with it. They do this by
avoiding capital and facility investments dealers must make, exploiting
manufacturer incentive programs that only serve to drive dealerships out
of business and reduce. competition, ignoring basic consumer protection
laws, and concealing profits from consumers.


haha more like they do this by stopping people from paying a shit ton of money on a corolla and saving them money lol. lobbying speaks well in the car world.


Oh of course it is because unlike brokers, dealers will never take an extra dime from a unsuspecting customer :innocent: but that’s good old New York for ya
Edit: here’s a link to send to your state senator to stop the ban https://www.stopthebrokerban.com/


God this state sucks. I just used a broker and saved myself over $70 a month on a BMW lease. In no way was it bad for me!

can’t a dealer just decide to not work with brokers if they don’t want to?


Exactly. Why in the world does there need to be a law that says a dealer cant choose to work with one if they want to?

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Would this law even apply to the majority of brokers on LH. I feel like it is more targeting leasing companies.

Yep. Dealers want brokers to move metal during good times and don’t use them in times like now.

This bill has been a thing they’ve been trying to pass for many many years now and nothing ever happens.

Realistically speaking however it wouldn’t effect 95% of the brokers on here because most of them are not licensed, bonded / insured etc anyways.

Most of them also use dealerships outside of New York State where the stores don’t care about all the regulations anyways.

Stores don’t care, but brokers have to register in NY to do business there.

Yeah I’m aware , except the New York dealers typically aren’t as competitive and have a capped doc fee that the brokers wouldn’t be able to fiddle around with so it’s typically just easier to do the transaction out of state.