November Volvo S90 T6

Not sure if anyone has seen it but the 18’s now have 8750 in incentives before A-Plan & the trucar barcode.

I’m so giddy right now :slight_smile:

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How do you get the true car?

Early Christmas [20…]

You hop on edmunds and select an S90 under new cars, it then has you go through a “tell us about your ride” and you customize what you’re looking for. The only downside is that it selects a local dealer to assign the code to (my local dealer is cabbage.)

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Residuals went down, leases got worse. The incentives don’t wholly compensate.

Well that’s a bummer

So, to summarize, 2018 S90 incentives increased but residuals decreased and 2017 S90s are no longer leaseable?


Getting the numbers on edmunds. Will post when they come in

Do you mean go into the “Let’s Build and Price Your 2018 Volvo S90” section? Once you complete the build - you get a true market value price. From there, the next step is to get dealer quotes. Do you get the extra $3k at that point?

They are still great deals, but not as good as crazy @nyclife’s deals. We got spoiled in last couple of months.


57% 24 month
50% 36 month

T6 momentum

8250 lease incentives

how many miles is that naderade?

12k and its 8750 not 8250

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Correct 12k…:: still potential if we can stack true car and a plan

if only the Cleveland Clinic was A-plan #feelsbadman

There is ways to still get A Plan. I have been researching it and have had great responses from others in here on how to do that

$333/mo + tax and all on a 60k MSRP, 24/10 with 10% off + all incentives and 10 MSDs. Still not bad :slight_smile:

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True car and a plan are the same thing.

My fault. I have been getting so confused with this car specifically lol

Just got home from picking up a car @nyclife brokered for me with my a plan. I’ll leave it up to him to post deal specifics if he chooses to.
Edit: forgot to mention deal was in October using October promos and rv
2018 s90 T6 momentum, 60535 msrp
Full msd of $3500 due at signing
Sign and drive lease with the exclusion of msd
All fees, tax, plates, bank fee, and FIRST month payment rolled in
24/10k per year
$301 before tax, 324 with 7% tax
301/60535 = .497% cub?:smile:

I can’t say anything about @nyclife that hasn’t been said already. He is worth his weight in gold on Volvo’s and a great guy to work with.

The s90 is a wonderful car, just drove 12 hours home in it. Pilot assist made the drive a breeze. The system is phenomenal on the interstate. Was able to take in the fall foliage while pilot assist did all the work. This thing is a great highway cruiser. I’m already dreading giving it back in 24 or 30 months )if vcfs let’s me extend)

@Ursus before you say t, I’ll post in trophy garage after I get all the road grime off. :smile: