Nov Black Friday Jeep Grand Cherokee Deals

Anybody looked at the jeep grand cherokee 2019 employee pricing plus lease cash? I’m in zip 53132 with incentives:

Midwest Lease Bonus Cash $2,000.00
Returning Lease Loyalty: $500.00
Chrysler Capital Finance Rebate: (Must finance w/ CCAP): $1,000.00
Midwest Bonus Cash: $750.00
Grand Cherokee Lease Loyalty $1,500.00
Employee Pricing for All $2,553.20
Misc dealer discount: $1,302
TOTAL: $9,605 Discount

MSRP: 51,985
Discounted: $42,380

waiting on residual and MF this morning… Seems like a crazy amount of incentives, hoping the MF and residual isn’t crazy.


Looks like a 2020. Go for a 2019 if you can. Higher incentives. Try a different bank to get IDL bonus cash too. Also, that discount for employee pricing should be another 2k.

You should get a minimum of 8 to 8.5 percent before all rebates. I had a deal last week but incentives were only about 6k for 2020 versus almost 9k for 2019 so decided to hold off since dealer did not have any 2019s on the lot.