Not a unicorn, but I think it's ok. Flame away. *Signed* 2019 C300 4matic sedan



2019 C300 4matic sedan

**MSRP: $55495
**Selling Price: $47050. (15%)
**Monthly Payment: $532
**Cash Due at Signing: $2000. (1st pmt, acq fee, title, 442 cash)
**doc 499
**acq 495

**Months: 36
**Annual Mileage: 12k
**MF: .00103
**Residual: 58

**Region: nj
**Leasehackr Score: 8.8


take out the $442 cash and put down some MSDs.
What rebates were applied in the 15% ?


I’m sorry, I should’ve added signed. I’ll edit now.

Not sure what incentives were added. Just negotiated price in total. I’d assume just the 1k incentive that’s out now. Not sure if they added fleet, or emp etc…

I was willing to put 10 MSD’s down, but the number they gave me didn’t add up to what I thought it was going to be so I wasn’t going to waste money for minimal gain.

I thought I would get $474/mo with the same 2k down, but they told me $502, and I wasn’t going to argue at that point so I just agreed to the price above.


sounds to me they inflated the MF on you and played with it when applying the MSDs. But then again, you didnt bother asking a bunch of important questions. So not sure what the point is of posting here asking for an opinion after a signed deal but I think you have a pretty good idea it’s not a great deal.


yes, I agree the msd deal wasn’t good, so I declined. But the deal itself is bad as well?

I posted in the “share deals” forum, that’s what I thought it was here for?

They didn’t inflate the MF on the deal that I made, just if I did the MSD’s.


how do you know?


I saw the lease sheet before signing. MF .00103 res 58%. On the contract, the numbers looked the same (obviously without MF and res posted)


Pretty steep payment for a C class. Should of put down msd to lower payment. Whats done is done aslong as you are happy enjoy


it’s a well equipped C class, most of the loaner deals here are $10k less MSRP so you can’t really compare to a new one with this price tag.


Thats true most of the 300 payments C deals you see are base models and loaners


Why didn’t you threaten to walk if they inflated the MF when adding MSDs?


I agree about the loaner deals. Obviously they will be much better. This 300 has the AMG night package, multi media, premium package, heated SW and seats, wheels, and a few more, so I think very nicely loaded.

This is what is so confusing about leasing to rookies like me. I looked at a couple of deals on here and people said “great deal” and I am on par with them (according to my calculations) and it’s not that great. I need to find family in the business again… hahahaha


or spend a few bucks on a good broker and save more if you know you’re a newbie and don’t wanna get ripped off


if I can be honest? My wife wasn’t really fond of giving up $5500 that can’t be touched in an emergency so I wasn’t going to push the issue. If they would’ve given me what I thought ($474 for the same 2k down), then I would’ve overruled her. :slight_smile:


Happy wife, happy life


305, you really think I got ripped off? I appreciate the honesty, but I didn’t think I did…


i dont think you got ripped off on MSRP discount, but if there’s a way for you to save $60/mo which is over $2k over the course of the lease by putting down MSDs and then you let the dealer mess with you to a point where you’re basically leaving at least $2k on the table, then to me you got ripped for at least that much, and that’s not a small amount of $.

I cant speak for all the details on this deal because alot of info is missing. But you have people leasing C43 for a little more than your payment, so i’m not sure how great this deal is.


I got you, and thank you for your input!!! This is why I posted this, to use as more learning because we lease 2 cars every 3 years. I always had a family member in the business that i got employee pricing so I never questioned it, until now that she’s out of the business I see better deals from others that don’t know any body…

I do know a couple of guys that I used to work with that are brokers now. Maybe I’ll give them a shot in 2 years when my Tahoe is up.


It’s all perspective man. You got a loaded 2019 C class, the discount looks pretty good.

If you look at it from the hacker that wants the lowest payment possible and will eventually get a 2018 loaner with no options, yeah your payment sucks.

But in a vacuum, the deal is fine.

Edit: oh and it’s new, to some people, a zero fart car is priceless.


there are very highly recommended and well reviewed brokers on this site operating in NY/NJ if you can’t find someone else to help you next time. Just ask any of us for recommendations. Enjoy the car.