Not a unicorn, but I think it's ok. Flame away. *Signed* 2019 C300 4matic sedan



Imagine that… a dealer inflating MF when you use MSDs… exact opposite of the point of using MSDs.


and I wasn’t in the mood to argue because the wife didn’t want to give them 5500 to begin with…


i’ve seen it happen more often than not, they let you put MSDs, it looks like you’re saving money but they inflate the MF and make the spread. To the untrained eye it looks good because payment is less.


I think the MF is something that is pretty well hidden from most buyers, and the dealers use that to their advantage to make money off of you.


Thank god for this site.


I’m okay if dealers mark up the MF, but only if they give you an unholy discount!


Looks like a good deal on a well equipped, new C300. You’d be able to flip this lease very easily on swapalease if you ever had/chose to.


If $5500 is a big deal in an emergency you probably shouldn’t be leasing an expensive vehicle. Just my thoughts


Oh, I FINALLY get what that means!!! Knowledge is power, you know…


That’s a bold statement to make when you don’t know that persons finances. 5,500 is a lot of money regardless of how much you make.


Yeah, I’m not sure what you’re implying. You don’t know his finances, and he never really said they can’t afford the MSDs. All he said was his wife wasn’t on board with it - personally, that’s reason enough for me not to pursue it, I mean, unless I wanna sleep on the couch.


Agreed, sorry if I came off harsh. You are living the dream my friend!


From the title and previous posts, it sounds like you already know what kind of deal you got. If you don’t need the money for anything else, don’t worry about evaluating the deal or thinking about the dollars you could have saved. Just enjoy it.


Retired at 46? That’s a unicorn. What’s the secret?


Making a pact w/ the devil? :wink: Bwahahahaha.


Military/government service you can retire at that point and get a pension. I’m working on it myself.


No need to apologize, I’m just trying to say I’m cheap. :joy:

Anyway, I put the deal out here to learn. I thought it wasn’t bad but wasn’t sure. Now I know it was terrible. Lol. Just kidding.

We lease 2 cars every 3 years, and now we have to do it on our own since family member no longer doing it. The more I learn now, the more it’ll help when my tahoe is up.


Retired NYC employee. :+1:


15% off MSRP is a good deal on price. The only thing I would have refused is the down payment and doc fee. Not sure where you are but no way I’d pay $500 doc fee here and they would have blinked on the small $442 down payment as well. But overall very good on a new 2019.