Hello all. My name is Dimitri and I’m a Fleet Sales Manager at Toyota of Glendale, California.
To get a quote, please text me at 818-919-3950
Also I work with Auto Brokers . . . … Thank you

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Wasn’t aware there was another dealer in Northridge? Only other one I knew of besides Keyes and Noho was Hamer, but I thought they were in Panorama city or something like that? Good to know because my experiences at the main two has been less than stellar.

@bfourey Yes, we were West Valley Toyota 20 years ago and then we moved to Northridge. 3 years ago we built Brand New dealership.

First you can start off by posting some of your deals.

Have received a few quotes for clients from Dimitri. Very responsive, pleasant, straight forward and easy to work with. If you need something in the Valley or LA area, make sure you reach out to him. He will by far, give you the best deal.

Good morning @FiMo I would love to start posting deals on this forum, but unfortunately Toyota prohibits advertising deals below invoice. I still can post deals at least at invoice but Hackers will not find them very attractive :slight_smile: if you are looking for a specific vehicle, please PM or send me an email with your deal structure. Thank you

Good morning @BiggL

Thank you for putting good words for me.
Most of the time I am busy and takes me a while to get back to all my Auto Brokers and customers but I am trying my best to respond within 1 hour or less.

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Welcome Dimitri,

Thank you for being a part of the Leasehackr community. I highly recommend checking out @Cody_Carter 's posts and deals(SoCal Toyota Special Lease Offers) here in SoCal as a reference to help you with your business. Hope you find success in our forum. Best of luck and thanks again for being a hackr!


Hi Alex,
Hope you doing great.
I do not want to step on anybody’s toes.
Thank you

can I get a link to your deals ?

Good morning Joe,

Hope all is well.

I do not have a link/spread sheet for numbers.

Please let me know if you are interested in a specific vehicle and I will send you numbers.

Thank you

make a spreadsheet it will help u out

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@Dany1122 good morning Danny. I might do the spread sheet this month.It will take probably few hours to do it and load with all numbers.

I’m interested in the Camry you and/or the RAV4.

Good morning Hackrs,
I have 2018 Tacoma TRD PRO in Calvary Blue (stock 181638) that I am willing to sell or lease at MSRP.
Please Email me if interested
Thank you


you got a spreadsheet yet?

Hi @Dany1122
sorry but do not have a spreadsheet.
let me know if you are interested in a specific vehicle.

Hey Dimitri,

can you send me numbers on toyota carmy se? 0 drive off and 36 months term?

Are camrys still expesnive? I really want the xse but its out of my budget

Hi Dimitri,

Welcome to the forum! I’m sure any fleet manager coming here is a good thing, as the more dealers here, the more options we have to shop for deals!

Some other dealers here have gone down the spreadsheet route, which is very helpful for us car shoppers.

Anyway, welcome again!