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I do not have the spreadsheet, but let me know if there is a vehicle that you are interested.


Email sent in regards to a Sienna. Want to get out of my current 2014 into a newer.


Thank you for all your vehicle inquiries and the opportunities to help you with your car buying needs on this forum. Many of you have inquired spread sheet about my lease offers. Finally, I have it ready for you. Please PM or email me @

These deal are based on 36 months, 12k miles per year (minimum), $500 out of pocket and include 9.5% sales tax… For $0 out of pocket please add about $15 per month.

Thank you.

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INVOICE: $46,451
SELLING: $46,951
RESIDUAL: $31,092

$500, 35 X $765
$1,500 , 35 X $731
$2,500, 35 X $700

Payment includes 9.5% sales tax
12k miles, 720+ fico

Please contact me for more info.
Thank you!!

I’m looking for a 2018 Prius 2. Can you beat these numbers?

Top tier credit, loyal customer - 5 prius leases, 1 Rav 4, 1 Lexus.

Good morning all and Happy Halloween!!!
2018 units are running low on Highlander, Tacoma, 4Runner and Tundra
Let me know if you need the spreadsheet. Last day of October specials!
Please email me @ or PM

Good morning all,
Will have link / spread sheet ready after 1pm
please pm or email me to
thank you all for last month

Sorry guys. will have link/sheet in about 30min. thank you

Eeek $778 per month for a 4Runner…seems pretty damn high to me! That’s for a lease!?


Hello Bjam,
I do not have on my spread sheet 4Runner with $778 payment. please double check and let me know.
thank you

aim for 280-300 tax inc with only 2k @ signing.

hello all. if you received my spread sheet, there were few mistakes in few quotes. Just noticed on Prius… let me go over and correct it… Sorry about that.

This is a terrible deal, are you sure your math is right? This is over 14% apr if $46,951 is truely the selling price and would be over $11,000 in interest alone!

At the 4runner’s typical poor rate of 0.0027, you’d need a selling price nearing $60,000 to make the math work.

hello cmacfar,
thank you for your feedback and response.
yes I did numbers correct and if you would like I can email you the PDF file with all numbers (dont think I can upload PDF here. I was selling at 46,951 (this unit is already gone). Rate was 0.0027 and payment was included tax. before tax payment was $700.

wait someone actually took it at that price? :scream:

You’re correct, I had my math wrong. I had input 0.00027 for my MF. The money factor makes this a tough deal though for sure. I still can’t quite get to your numbers if the sales prices includes all fees and acquisition fees which I assume it does not though. It’s better if you show the selling price as the net cap cost and/or break down the extra fees.

yes, it was sold. :slight_smile:
it was not my deal.
not sure if the leased it or financed it.

please email me so I can forward you the deal structure.

there are some problems with my CDK. will double check my numbers tomorrow AM, but 4Runner $700 payment was correct :slight_smile:
Sorry for inconvenience.

I don’t think this forum is the right audience/demographic for deals like this Highlander mate… Yikes!

NO offense, but you should probably disable your PM unless you want to hear/read some choice words.