Noob - Tundra models how to decipher?

Lurker for the last month or so. Looking for a replacement for my daily driver that I gave to my college bound son.
I wasn’t looking for a truck, but the current deals posted in this thread have me thinking about it.

My question would be regarding the Tundra models. I’d be looking for a crewmax , but I’m not sure how that lines up with the post 410 here BEST TOYOTA PRICING IN THE COUNTRY! $290/mo Tundra CREWMAX $48k MSRP Highlander, Rav4, Tacoma, Camry, 4Runner ALL STATES

SR5 is understandable as that is a model, but Off-Road and Sport are they the base SR model?


Why don’t you research this on


I agree with you and wouldn’t have posted if I hadn’t done some due diligence . I probably could have been clearer in my post… TRD Off Road and TRD Sport are packages that are available on 2-3 models. They could be on one of those models with three choices of cab (regular, double, crewmax)…was just hoping someone knew without me clogging up that other thread

Still don’t understand the question.

PM him instead. You won’t clog the thread. Problem solved.

SR5 is a trim level

TRD sport and TRD off road are packages to be added to it

Other trims are SR
Platinum etc

TRD Sport and TRD Off Road can be added to trims other than SR5

But when people refer to TRD Sport and TRD Off Road, it’s usually referring to an SR5 trim which is the sweet spot for leasing especially in a crewmax

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Thanks. That clears it up my confusion.

It’s tricky on the website

There are other packages like SR5 upgrade, convenience, etc…

And they’re all bundled in a non intuitive way on the build portion of the site

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