Non-Automotive Deal Hacker - Post Your Deals Here!

See a lot of “deals” in the Vacation and Credit Card hacker threads (specific topic-wise as to those two, but sometimes the gift card deal, etc. as well) and elsewhere at random. I could not find a thread with a running daily tally on “deals” on just about everything else out in the real world, on the web or anywhere else. You can find these in lots of other places, but I thought it might be useful for the LHers to be able to add to the thread here when they find something that really sticks out (for example - 50% or more?).

Found this deal when looking at the Amazon Prime Day stuff coming up just for AP members:

Fire TV Stick 4K Max streaming device, Wi-Fi 6, Alexa Voice Remote (includes TV controls). Normally $54.99 and now $24.99 @ 55% off.

I now use the Fire TV Stick instead of an Apple TV unit because it just seems easier to use, navigate and has a ton of free content on top of all the standard streaming services. Works with the Apple TV sub, and is great to take on the road and plug in wherever you are (HDMI TV port required) to beat the lame hotel fare and basic cable at so many AirBnB and VRBO setups (especially if you have kids).

Not sure how long it is good for, but I just bought two more anyway!


Buy now think later!
First rule of LH don’t call!
Check brickseek and :rocket:


Who’s the rocketship here?

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Walmart is.

@ Walmart: Apple Watch SE (1G) @ $149 from almost $300 (40mm only, 3 different bands incl. the Nike band). Good deal for kids and people that don’t care about the absolute latest tech, or maybe as a fitness only wear.

I had received a Fire Stick (free) awhile back, but I don’t recall how. Anyway, the remote finally died on the old Apple TV so I was eventually “forced” to open the box of the Fire Stick. I used/tolerated it for a few months before I had decided enough was enough. I ultimately hated it (in comparison to the Apple)… the interface is slow/laggy and isn’t as fluid as others IMO. I went out and purchased a new Apple TV and the Fire Stick has migrated to the garage tv.

FWIW - the Fire Stick would be awesome for on the go, as you had mentioned. I’ve thought of that myself but have yet to actually use it that way. Most of our rentals have satellite and/or an existing streaming device.

Cool thread though!

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I hear you for sure. I have 2X of the latest gen Apple TV and have found them both to be kinda slow and clunky though. Latest FS versions have been way better than the first one I had and they have all of that free content as well, and vs. an Apple TV the price can’t be beat.

Good for those interested. Usually 2x this price


Walmart+ membership (with free Paramount+ as well) is $50 now (50%) off.

If you pay it monthly in full anyway and have an Amex Platinum, Amex will pay the fee in full each month as a credit back as well.


Hilton Honors Points for some members are at a 100% bonus or 50% off at .5 cents per point, which is less than the .6 value of the points. Looks like it is good until 7/18/23.



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Breeze upgrade to “Nicest” from “Nicer” for only $1 on flights through 1/10/24. Must book by midnight tonight.

How successfully do these birds land after taking off?


Do you use Walmart+? It kind of sucks imo. I like the idea of it, but it seems 95% of the products I want to purchase are ineligible for shipping. :man_shrugging:t2:

I have flown Breeze a few times, relatives have many times. Never had an issue, new planes and good service with both decent and weird routes.

Stop buying travel sizes bro :joy:

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How do you upgrade?

edit: nevermind

These flights are more expensive than major carriers :no_mouth:

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The benefits on free Paramount+ with the whole thing being paid by Amex make it a no brainer.

The “services” you get are hit or miss. The shipping issue is that tons of stuff on is shipped and sold by 3rd parties, and the Walmart+ “free” shipping is only for things that ship from Walmart itself.

The free groceries delivery (no tip, no fee) is nice if you use it, and the “scan and pay as you go” in the store is really nice. No line and no self-checkout.

$.10 off per gallon @ Mobil, Exxon and Walmart stores can be good for gas, and access to Sam’s Club gas w/o a Sam’s membership is also a bonus.

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Depends on the route and day. It can be way cheaper or more expensive.

Key is to book the cheapest fare and travel light.

Nobody will beat a $29 one way ticket.

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How do you ise the scan and pay as you go on walmart? I never seem to get it right, it always ask me to find a register to make the payment, i know sams club one is fairly easy i use it all the time

Through the app. Make sure you turn off any VPN you have as well.

Should work fine.

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