NMAC no longer allowing third-party lease buyouts?

Was getting a quote from a new dealer chains “CarShop” (previously CarSense) to buyout my Leaf lease… to hopefully make positive equity… and they hit me with this. Is this just a tactic to make me sell?

Will be contacting NMAC them later today.

Whoa this is huge.

If true, I will be buying, not leasing my next Leaf

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I tried to sell my 19 Rogue lease to carmax yesterday for $800 positive equity and they wouldn’t take it because they said NMAC will not allow 3rd party buyouts effective 5/1. I didn’t feel like making phone calls or jumping through hoops to make it happen so I went to a Nissan dealer and they offered me an even buyout.

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Could be a buyer management thing or leasing companies are acting on the trend data

whoa, my $42/month leafs have equity???


Surely 5k equity. Market is crazy!!!

Eh, Carvana $21,900, Vroom offered me $19,100, AlGo said $23,100 before inspection, CarShop said close to $24k before inspection. NMAC buyout is ~$22.1k

There was another thread the other day saying the same thing, I think they said after 5/9.

My neighbor had $2300 equity on a Ford he was returning, and all Carvana, Vroom and Autolenders told him the same thing for Ford. they are not allowing 3rd party buyouts either.

I also heard that Volvo may be going the same way.

I guess w/ the used market so high now, and lots of lease cars have low mileage due to the pandemic keeping us at home, they are want to cash in on the used car markets.

This sux because my '19 Murano has some positive equity, and there’s no way a buy-out could be finalized in the 6 days remaining.

Is Infiniti Financial doing the same thing as NMAC?

Has anyone been able to confirm if this is true?

Just called and confirmed. IFS is only selling leases to Nissan dealers, Infiniti dealers, or registered lessees.

He mentioned this was a recent policy change.

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Well glad I sold to Carmax when I did! One more reason to never buy another Nissan lol.

What’s to stop you guys from buying out the car and then selling it? Especially if you’re somewhat near the termination of the lease.

Sales tax is the most likely impediment to purchasing and reselling.

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Sales tax, and the fact that a Nissan buyout barely has equity even without sales tax lol


I’m only 3 months into my 24 month lease, but I wouldn’t mind making a thousand dollars or two especially when I can manage without one for a couple months.

In my case for my Leaf, all EVs new and used are sales tax exempt in NJ

So what about capital gains? If there is positive equity it’s considered a capital gain. Someone is responsible on paying that tax to the IRS.

While there are limited cases where net cash flow is positive, having positive equity doesn’t necessarily mean that there was a gain.