NJ Registration wtf?

Ok, so I finally got my NJ tags and registration in the mail for my fart can (loaner) 3 series that I leased at the end of February…(took over 6 weeks!)

When I looked at the registration, I noticed that it was only good for a year? WTF? Says “expires 04/2020”.

I’m a new NJ resident so this is the first time I’m registering a car in NJ so forgive me for the questions, but aren’t you supposed to get a registration for however long your lease is on the vehicle? In other words, I was expecting my registration to be valid until 2021 (when my lease is over). Kinda disappointed as I paid full DMV fees but only got a 1 year registration.

Is it because it was a loaner and not a brand new vehicle, that they issued a 1year registration.

This means that next April I’ll have to pay another $50-$60 for a 1 year renewal .

On a new car, NJ tags are 4 or 5 years by default IIRC

Did someone check “used” by mistake?

Lease contract says “New” but I guess they knew the mileage cause it had 3200 miles on…

Also, didn’t know in NJ that the owner is not listed on the registration which I thought is weird. No mention of my name or address anywhere . Simply says “Leased Vehicle” etc and has the captive down.

How do the police know who the vehicle is registered to? More things I’m learning as a new NJ resident…

The bank owns the plates in NJ. Typically, the regi is more than the card - it’s included in a paper, where the lessee information is listed.

Depends who and how it was registered. If a new car dealer in NJ (or dealer that can register in NJ) registered it, you’d get 4 yr registration. 4 yr registration is I think $240.

If the car was purchased/leased at a NJ dealership it should be a 4 year registration. If it was purchased at a dealership outside NJ but registered in NJ then it’s only good for 1 year and needs to be renewed yearly.

That’s not necessarily true. Typically NJ registrations, even if done out of state, are good for the duration of the lease.

That’s not true. Purchased mine in PA and registered in NJ. Got a 3 year registration.

@TheBigTuna - BTW are you on a visa? I’ve seen some folks mentioning about getting a 1 year reg if they are on a work visa on some forums.

Dealer was in PA and used a third party to get plates. What’s crazy is that I paid roughly $400-$500 for dmv (I know it’s never that high in NJ or any state for that matter)

No I’m not here on a visa lmao … US Citizen

Nowhere on the registration does it have my name , just the banks name . In my case, BMW financial services in Ohio. I thought this was weird

Kinda sucks when hat I have to renew again next year. Hopefully can be done online and not have to make a trip to the dmv.

You should be contacting the dealership. They clearly messed something up.

Hey! I lived in NJ all my life and I never heard of anything like that on a new, leased vehicle. Usually, the registration is valid for 4 years. I included a statement from the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission Website.

“If you have a new leased vehicle you must pay the registration fee for the term of your lease. If your lease agreement extends beyond the normal calendar year expiration period (38-month leases as opposed to 36 months), you are also required to pay for the next full year’s registration period (48 months).”

Meaning that Jersey has a 4 Year Accelerated Registration Program for newly leased vehicles and if you paid your DMV fees for your lease and it says that your registration is valid for a year then it is a mistake.

$300 out of it goes to the third party processing, I think.

Yes I read that too, thanks .

@Ursus yes that’s what I was thinking too. I was quoted $400-$500 for dmv (dealer was out of state in PA) but I knew for a fact new reg ain’t that much on a passenger car. It ain’t that much in any of the 50 states so I figured the 3rd party charges them a boat load to get the plates, which eventually get passed onto me.

I just shot an email to the dealership rep who handles tags/registrations to see what she says.

Yeah, if you paid $400 that leaves $100 for the registration and will only cover one year.

I just had to title and register my brand new lease, this was a first for me.

As I was told by MVC employee they only have 2 options 4yr or 1yr registration. She only did it for 1yr since I have a 2yr lease.

Renewal can be done online from what I remember and charges are about: $85 title w/lien + $85is each year reg (depending on vehicle size). SO $500 was definitely overcharge…

I just reached out to the title admin at the dealership and said she will look into it.

Oh I also got the title in the mail with my plates and reg which I also found weird. Never received a title before on a leased vehicle so I have to say NJ is very odd at this. I stored it in the glove compartment with other docs as I’m not sure if I’ll need it when it comes time to renew next year

no they screwed up Title goes to the bank.

When doing in person MVC didnt even issue me the title and said THEY will mail it to the bank.

Who is the PA dealer if you dont mind sharing PM me

There is no way the dealer paid $300 to the runner.

DMV would have been between 289-311 for 4 year plus $7.5 tire tax.

Again an indication they messed it up. You should not have received title

And don’t store it in the car. If someone steals or breaks into your car, having the title makes it easier to scam someone