NJ Registration wtf?

Well, that’s what I’ve heard from multiple dealers in MD/PA - $300 goes to the runner to register a car out of state. @mani_is_kool had a similar experience with an MD dealer dealer recently, I believe.

Attorneys and PI’s hire courthouse runners at a fraction of that price, and that actually requires half a brain. DMV runners are basically just mules … dealership is either incompetent or lying if they say it takes $300

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I was told the same. I asked them to eat the cost which they were not willing to eat. The actual cost i think is $230

It is what it is. I’ve also been told about this $300 charge by some folks from LH that bought cars from MD dealers with out of state registration.

I knew I wasn’t smoking crack…let see what the dealer admin says. I’m sitting with the title in hand too (BMW as the lien holder) so I guess BMW will eventually come looking for it…

Seems like we live in some sort of parallel universes. Up here in PNW it’s more of $350-$400, each year, no matter what and you’re supposed to be happy it’s that “low”…

Each of my motorcycles costs me ~$90 per year for the tabs!

I’ll pay your DMV charges if you pay my NJ property taxes. :wink:


more than that - on a new car its based on MSRP; First year tabs on my 48k Alfa was 680. Renewal on the 3rd year of registration on the X1 was closer to $500.

Huh TIL about NJ registration. I’m moving to New Jersey so I don’t have to keep paying the DMV $600/year to keep registering each of my cars.

Totally possible I was low on my “quote” as it was coming from last year renewal of my Sienna that was already lower value. Just checked the property taxes in NJ on similar valued home to mine, 2x more out there, I’m fine with my tabs cost now :smiley: Not to mention you also get snow, salt and other goodies.

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Come on down to the Jersey Shore. $4800 taxes on a 4 bedroom 3 bath home thats a 5 minute walk to the beach. The best of both worlds

So the title/dmv rep from the dealership just got back to me. Agreed the title shouldn’t have been sent to me so she provided a prepaid UPS label to return it to them.

Also, she confirmed that all of their loaners are titled , so while my contract is ticked off as “New” its a used car. She confirmed that new cars are registered for 4yrs and used cars (like my loaner) are registered for 1yr, which explains why . She said she will confirm the overpayment with her accounting team and send out a check to me for the overpayment of DMV. When I checked the stubs, I believe $60 went to title and another $44 for the registration .

which are no longer tax deductible for federal purposes over $14k, thanks to orange guy in charge!!

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OP can PM if there’s anything to add/update