Nissan Leaf SV 2016 Lease

I am from san francisco bayarea and looking to lease Nisal Leaf SV 2016 (without premium package or other add ons) with $2500 drive-off for 36/12k lease. Most of the quotes I am getting from local dealrs are for $230+ per month. I personally visited couple of dealerships and they are not willing to negotiate it down further.

I think the lease is still expensive. Do you think I can do better?

Why not the i3? They are leasing for under 100

Or Spark EV. $0 down, $139/month, 36 months is the base offer. And dealers have been pricing them even cheaper than that. One MD dealer had a $99/month, $0 offer yesterday.

Due ot the daily commute distance, my wife wanted 110 mile range what Leaf SV has. In addition the i3 rear door opening is not that convinient if you have more than 3 or more people when carpooling. Leaf SV has descent rear space.

Due ot the regular commute distance (MV to SFO), my wife wanted 110 mile range what Leaf SV has. Spark EV only as 80 miles range.

I was wondering if anyone can suggest what could be the optimum deal for Nissan leaf SV.

Lol. You really think you will get 110 miles on the leaf. 80 at best. However, I actually cannot find any lease deals in MA, so I cannot help you as to whether your deal is worth it.

Leaf S has 84 miles range, however SV has a bigger battery giving 110 miles range.

I am interested in the numbers for a LEAF SV 36 month @ 12k miles in Massachusetts. Thanks.

2016 LEAF SV
36/12K: 31% residual, .00003 MF

$11,250 lease cash + $2,000 Bonus Cash
Targeted: $1,000 grad

Does anyone have similar details for leaf SV and a leaf S (w quick charge) details for lease in Washington state.
I have been looking to get one but seem to not find any of the deals mentioned in the forums.

Under $100 with zero down?

Any details on this would be great. Which model is this (s or sv).

I’m in Seattle and am working on a deal for $1,015 down and $199/mo for Leaf S with Quick Charge for 24 mo. I found a slightly better deal in Oregon but would require driving.

So i did find one dealership where i was trading in an old car (getting a value of close to 2900 which is 500 more than kbb) and with nothing else out of pocket, a Leaf S (w quick charge) for $95/24 month lease. I looked at a lot of dealers and found this to be the best option.

excellent deal on the leaf

Out of curiosity, which dealership was that?

Nissan of Kirkland had that offer. They ran out of Leaf S pretty quickly also, they had two in stock and i got one of those.

So 2900/24=120.8+95=$215.8/mon for 24? Is that 12k? This is a decent deal. Nissan of Auburn is offering me $180/mon for 36mon/12k. I didn’t bite. There is significant trunk money from Nissan. Next year, Leaf will have 200 mile+ range.

Yes it is 12K. I read about the 200+ range thing but we need to discard the old car now and get a new one so since my commute is like 10 miles a day i dont mind this. Also all the dealers had a consistent reply that the 24 month is better than 36 month. Also based on some feedback from current owners what i head was that nissan is happy to extend ur lease for another year at same rates. so that ways my trade in gets an even bigger value.

Agreed Leaf S will work great for your short commute. For my 50 mile round trip, I will have range anxiety during winter. Some drivers told me the range will drop to low 50s during puget sound winter.